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Your Numbers Unlock the Secrets to Your Soul…

How to Elevate Your Life by Helping OTHERS Activate Their
Personal Numbers Code … with Astro-Numerology!

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IMAGINE knowing that you are helping to support people manifest joy and abundance! Imagine adding new revenue streams to your existing healing profession OR attracting NEW clients to the ones you already have. Imagine being able to engage your clients in such as way that you leave them AND you THRILLED about the experience!

Believe me, this is the most wonderful feeling to have – when your service, gratitude and joy intermingle to create magical shifts!

Imagine how great you will feel to have a step-by-step plan on how to incorporate the sacred science of Astro-Numerology into your work. And imagine being able to connect to an instant community of spiritual healers who want to help each other, are positive, uplifting, generous and committed to supporting each other on their journey.

Ready to discover how to use the magic healing power of numbers to elevate YOUR life by serving others?

Welcome to the Numerology Academy Training Program!

What exactly is Numerology Academy?

  • Numerology Academy is the world’s first online training course in Astro-Numerology.
  • It’s a 6-week, comprehensive, video-based training program that teaches the amazing NEW spiritual modality of Astro-Numerology to coaches and healers who want a new tool to elevate their clients and thereby have more impact on the world.
  • The program is focused on learning the 3 Principles of a Soul’s Spiritual Numbers’ Code and becoming a Certified Numerology Academy Practitioner so you can offer professional-level Astro-Numerology readings to paying clients.
  • Whether you already are an established coach or healer OR are embarking on creating a spiritual business for the first time, this program is the starting point of a journey into the Truth of the Soul that will change your life!

So, Who is Numerology Academy for?

  • It is for aspiring healers, coaches and guides who want to learn a powerful spiritual modality in order to be of service to their clients in a most remarkable and instantaneous way.
  • It is for established transformational coaches who want to expand their services to include Astro-Numerology.
  • This is a program for teachers and mentors in any healing profession, and those of you who want to learn how I do what I do, and see where it takes you!

And it doesn’t matter whether you have a day job or you only have a few hours a week to focus on your work, it’s the COMMITMENT to Grow within and Serve others that matters. Your Spiritual Growth and the willingness to expand and change is ALL that MATTERS!

Now this program is for those who know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE with the right guidance, the best training and total focus and commitment.

Who is Numerology Academy NOT for?

Numerology Academy is NOT for those who want to dabble in numbers. It’s not for you if you blame external circumstances for your problems or if you create negativity that pulls others down. I only train people who are positive and kind and compassionate and generous and committed to Growth.

Are you ready? Here is what you will learn:

Lesson One: The Magic Revealed in Your Birthday

This first class is all about understanding the meaning of your Day and Date of Birth. Your numbers at birth are a sacred Spiritual Code that reveal your Soul’s Life Purpose. With this information alone you can reach deeply into a person’s spiritual records and help them to elevate their life.

Lesson Two: Astro-Numerology Secrets of Your Time and Place of Birth

In Lesson 1 you learned about your Soul’s Purpose as revealed in your Birthday. Now it’s time to understand what your Birth Name reveals about how you communicate your divine gifts. In other words, the direction of your Career is revealed now. This part of your Soul’s equation is incredibly empowering and exciting!

Lesson Three: What Your Birth Name Reveals About Your Destiny

Now that you know how to interpret the Spiritual Code revealed in a person’s Birthday and Birth Name, it’s time to move to the Astrology part of a person’s Soul’s Purpose – using the time and place of your birth.  We’ll go through the exact formula for how to create a birth chart and how to interpret the numbers on the house angles and planet degrees.

Lesson Four: Integrating Numerology and Astrology

Now that we’ve got the basics of your birth numbers covered, we need to integrate the two spiritual sciences of Numerology and Astrology! In this lesson you’ll discover how to cross reference and cross-check the numbers between a person’s astrology birth chart and his or her Numerology Chart. This is when the magic really happens!

Lesson Five: The Power of Your Current Name

Your current name is an integral part of any equation when it comes to helping your clients succeed. In this lesson you’ll discover why the name you choose to use right now affects HOW your life is unfolding… why life is easy for some and challenging for most others? What makes this part of astro-numerology so amazing? YOU are in charge of your current name – your spiritual calling card. Making sure every name resonates to a fortunate number is integral to creating success and happiness. Learn the special system I use to check and create fortunate current names. Includes several case studies.

Lesson Six: Putting it All Together – Readings and Forecasts

Learn how to assist your clients in clearing issues by integrating their current cycles into the equation. Discover how to cross-reference a person’s birth numbers with their personal cycles right now. This is when you activate a client’s Soul on a deep level so that they can move through and heal current issues in their life. Examples of various client issues are given, as well as several case studies. This lesson also shows you how to be present for a reading with your client.

By the end of this course, you will be able to offer professional-level readings to paying clients. You will be able to identify yourself as an Certified Numerology Academy™ Practitioner and will be eligible for listing in the Practitioner Directory on this website. (Some Practitioners may wish to move forward to Advanced Level training. However, this is not necessary to receive certification.)

To be clear, I’m not giving you something lightweight here. I’m handing you a SYSTEM: MY Unique one-of-a-kind Astro-Numerology system – a powerful road-map of strategies for healing practitioners and coaches. These are strategies you will be using for yourself, your family and your clients for the rest of your life!

And the BEST part? I’m going to be with you EVERY step of the way!

How will Numerology Academy work?

All the training is contained on private, members-only, password protected pages. So you can watch the training online OR you can download it to your iPad, your iPhone, your iPod and just learn on the go. If you prefer to read, every member receives a PDF of the Numerology Academy Manual accompanying the whole program to download on your computer.

Pre-Release Special Offer!

Your Investment: $697 or three payments of $267.00
Until Friday, June 1st

($987 on June 2, 2012)

BONUS # 1:
Your FREE Astro-Numerology Chart

This is your personal AstroNumerology Chart listing your three important birth numbers, your astrology birth chart and it includes charts of your current Transits and Progressions. You can refer to these charts during our monthly training calls.
($217 Value)

BONUS # 2:
A FREE Ticket to the “Passion, Poise and Power” Astro-Numerology Event!

Join me for this in-person live event held in Los Angeles, California, October 6-7, 2012. This is going to be a transformational weekend of transcendent Astro-Numerology training, my forecast messages and LIVE readings, plus a powerful line-up of transformational speakers and the opportunity to connect in a profound way with other spiritual practitioners from around the world. There’s nothing like experiencing a personal shift LIVE in a room with like-minded supportive doers to take you to the next level – just weeks before the BIG Shift on 12.21.2012!
($500 Value)

BONUS # 3:
PRIVATE members-only Facebook Group Page

As a Numerology Academy member you automatically receive an invitation to join the private, members-only Facebook Group Page where Numerology Academy members support each other – this will be an amazing opportunity to join a community of like-minded spiritual coaches and healers – and I’ll be there as well!

BONUS # 4:
LIVE Monthly TeleConference Calls

Join me in these monthly Group Coaching Calls when you can ask me personal questions and get clarity on how to apply the Numerology Academy Principles to your spiritual coaching business.
($800 Value for just 1 year!)


Pre-Release Special Offer!

Your Investment: $697 or three payments of $267.00
Until Friday, June 1st

($987 on June 2, 2012)

My No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to know, I stand firmly behind everything I offer. You have a FULL 30-days to Test-Drive Numerology Academy and experience the full power that comes from deeply activating, implementing and training this program. If you ask for a refund within those 30 days, of course we are going to make sure you participated in the program up until then. That means that you asked questions during a training call or reached out to me so that I can answer your questions. In other words, non-participation in this program due to other time commitments or unexpected life events will not be a valid reason for a refund, since most videos and the PDF of the extensive “How To” Instruction Manual will be made available to you. But, if after fully participating, attending a live call and asking questions, after 30 days you STILL truly feel that you can’t benefit from this program, then we will refund your investment. Beyond that point, I will assume that we are moving forward together with full consciousness.

Numerology Academy is an investment in YOU. And with our 30-day Money back guarantee you can test-drive the program completely risk-free!