A couple weeks back, Clay and I watched the Patriots-Giants game.
Not that I’m a big football fan. Skating and Gymnastics are more my style. Having said that, when offered the opportunity to watch a great passing game, I’ll take it.
I had heard about Randy Moss and Tom Brady – now I wanted to see greatness in action. And this Pats-Giants game turned out to be special. True to form, the Patriots won 38-35, their 16th straight, with no losses during the regular season – breaking the Miami Dolphins record.
Last night the Patriots made it 17-0. So I decided to look at Randy Moss, their star wide receiver.
He’s had a checkered record. I wanted to know how Moss was able to follow his two previous seasons with the Oakland Raiders, which were the lowest point in his career, and turn around 180 degrees in 2007, with 23 touchdown receptions.
First of all, Randy Moss has a Number 1 Destiny. And that means, he wants to be a winner – at all costs. When he was traded to the Raiders, he joined a losing team. And that put him in a bad state of mind. Moss just didn’t feel like playing his best for a team with a losing record. His Personal Year Numbers in 2005 and 2006 didn’t help much either.
Randy’s day of birth 13, is the genius number. It guarantees he has his own way of thinking about everything, and isn’t naturally a team player. However, given a chance to succeed, he’s all game.
That was clear last night as well. Moss only had one grab at the ball as Jacksonville’s defensive team kept him from doing his usual magic. However this left the field open for other players to jump in, which is exactly what happened.
Moss’ response after the Pats won was, “they did a good job of controlling me, but they did a bad job of controlling the rest of the team.” A true Number 1 Destiny speaking.
It’s no coincidence that it took nine years for Randy to match the excitement of his spectacular rookie year with the Minneapolis Vikings.
That season in 1998, his first as a pro, adds up to the SAME Personal Year Number for Moss as did 2007’s spectacular season. It took a full 9-year cycle to see Moss true to form. A form befitting a quote by Notre Dame head coach Lou Holtz who said of Moss, he is “the greatest high school athlete I had ever seen — a bigger Deion Sanders.”
With quarterback Tom Brady to throw him passes and a team on a mission, Randy changed his life from a career that was about to peeter out into oblivion to a year that will stand in the record books.
Randy Moss' Destiny Number has finally found a home. As
a member of the Patriots, Moss is learning what it takes to be Number 1. He's learned to focus, and he's embraced humility. It took a remarkable coach, Bill Bellichick, to guide Randy – to inspire him on the field, and by doing so eliminating any need for arrogance and antics of years past.
To get to this place, Moss had to pull out all the stops. Frustrated in Oakland, a team with a 2-14 record, Moss did something unusual.
Consider the Patriots got Moss as a 4th round draft pick ONLY because no one else would pay more. The trade didn’t go through at first. Here’s where Moss’ genius number 13 and Destiny Number 1 collaborated to give him a spot on the Patriots team.
He chartered a plane and asked one person to join him on that flight – Robert K. Kraft, the Patriots owner. Moss supposedly told Kraft he didn’t care about the huge salary cut, going from $9.25 mil Oakland would have paid him to $3 mil with the Pats. Of course, Kraft said, he’d heard that line before. But he believed Moss. Because of his intense desire to play for the Patriots, winners of 3 Superbowls in four years. He wanted to LEARN to be a winner. And that meant joining the best team out there.
There are many variables on the road to greatness. Yes, your Blueprint certainly shows you your destiny. Other factors are your attitude, your teachers and your friends.
In order to activate your destiny fully, first make sure you KNOW what it is. Are you meant to work for others? Or do you need to be your own boss. Are you the type who leads – or who does better as a go-between and diplomat? How does your day of birth factor into the equation. Is your current name helping or hindering your chances for success?
Just a few of the questions you will find answered in your Personal Numerology Blueprint, a document your will treasure for a lifetime.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. You may be wondering why I didn’t profile Tom Brady. His is a remarkable story – very different from Randy’s, and just a riveting. Well, that’s coming. I expect the Pats to be in the Superbowl come February 3. You may want to pay attention to that Number 3 day, because it factors big for both Tom and Randy. Meanwhile sprint on over and get your blueprint Now.

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