Most of my attention has been on the Clinton/Obama race. This weekend I moved my focus on Obama vs. McCain. As a result I have uncovered major insights about the November Election.
I discovered so much in John McCain and Barack Obama’s Personal Blueprints as they relate to November 4, 2008 that I decided on the spot to dramatically change the focus of my upcoming book.
My book won’t be available until the end of September, but I will be revealing much of my discoveries to you in this newsletter over the coming weeks and months. Be forewarned, because the numbers paint a turbulent picture. As my research continued to deepen over the weekend, I made some startling discoveries.
The election in November will be explosive.
One clue is that Election Day – on 11.4.2008 – adds up to 16/7. The ancient Chaldeans described the 16 as ‘a fall from a high place.’ As in a person or country being toppled from a place of high standing. This fall can happen in many ways. As I started connecting the dots, I saw a grim picture evolving before my eyes.
There is potential for major disruption around the time of the election. The events are very specific to the U.S. and the candidates.
Notice that Election Day falls on the 4th. 4 is a highly significant number for the U.S. – as everyone knows, the U.S.A. was born on July 4th. Obama too was born on the 4th. Remember, 4 and 8 are the ‘fateful numbers’ in numerology.
Additionally, Obama is in a 22/4 year. And he has a 17/8 current name. I delved further. Other numbers told the same story. I even looked at the candidate’s wives blueprints. In the future I will reveal Michelle Obama’s role in her husband’s campaign. Her numbers directly tie into the story. Once McCain and Obama choose their running mates, I will also get a clearer picture.
I went to bed every night this weekend with numbers in my head – and woke up with even more clues. What a fateful time in U.S. history November will turn out to be.
Here is what my research unraveled.
Please remember, this is ALL conjecture. My intentions are not to frighten you. But I DO want you to be prepared for what I will be a very unsettling time in U.S. history.
I now believe that Obama’s life will be in danger around the time of the election. In fact, McCain too needs to be very careful. His name and numbers also show his life may be threatened on or around November 4. And I don’t say this lightly.
As I was gathering more information, I knew I had to go back in history. More clues revealed themselves immediately.
This is one of the reasons I am concerned. There are very strong, ‘coincidental’ numerological connections I made with two previous Presidents who were assassinated – John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Notice that Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President. Believe it or not, his name ‘Abraham Lincoln’ also adds up to 16. Lincoln certainly ‘fell from a high place.’
JFK was the 35th President. 35 adds up to 8. Kennedy’s Life Purpose AND Destiny Numbers were 8s. JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Number 22 reduces to 4.
Notice all the 4 and 8 ‘fateful numbers.’ There are more.
The next U.S. President will be the 44th. 44 reduces to 8. It is the first time since John F. Kennedy that we will have an 8 President. He will be elected on November 4.
Now, I have to inject here that, in my 24 years as a Numerologist, I have never talked about anyone’s future potential death. Never. So why now. Well, number one is, this was NOT planned. I am still stunned by what I am uncovering. But the information is so important, I feel compelled to make it public now.
Obviously my great hope is, IF the events happen line up the way I’m seeing, that my prediction will help save lives.
Forewarned is forearmed. You don’t have to live in fear. But we can all prepare for a time which could be very turbulent.
What I’m seeing, especially concerning Obama, is the possibility of a terrorist attack, which is directly aimed at him. McCain with his 8 name and 4 Destiny is also in danger. Both of them have to be very careful.
What matters most is for all of us to remain calm. No matter what is happening in the world around us.
With Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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