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During my travels this past week
General Stanley McChrystal made headlines when President Obama removed him last
week from the top military post in Afghanistan.


This signals a change in tactics and
future events in that region of the world.


As for McChrystal, his name and
current cycle explain why his fall from grace happened so suddenly – and in a
damaging way.


In 2010 the General is in 16/7
Personal Year.


For McChrystal any 1, 5 or 7
cycles are the most important when defining the direction of his life. This is
because his three major birth numbers are two 5's and a 1. Remember that
numbers 1-5-7 form a trilogy and thus will always trigger each other when


A 16/7 cycle indicates two themes.
The 7 symbolizes taking a break so that you can look within. This is a great
time to learn and discover your amazing ability to get all answers by using
your intuition.


The 16 symbolizes being struck by
lightning and falling from a high place. This does not necessarily mean that
you get fired from your job or some other calamity falls upon you.


What you can count on is a major
shake-up of your belief system and your mind patterns concerning every part of
your life.


For McChrystal this means sudden
retirement. A fitting result in a 16/7 sabbatical year.


One important factor helped to
create his fall from the top.


The General's current name,
‘Stanley McChrystal', adds up to 51/6. When you add ‘Gen. Stanley McChrystal'
the name number becomes 56/11.


Both names tell a compelling


56/11 explains why he felt torn
between his Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, and his allegiance to the
military. 11 in a current name indicates division and a sense of incompletion.


51/6 is the ‘Warrior Number.' Very
fitting for a General. This name gave him incredible power and the ability to
rise to the top of his profession quickly. At the same time, a 51/6 name always
brings hidden enemies – as any warrior knows. So I usually do not recommend
this name number to my clients.


The combination of his 51 and 56 names
ultimately brought his career to a challenging close.


Once McChrystal's current 16/7
Personal Year figured into the equation, conditions were ripe for a challenging
time in his life.


The date of his firing is also
very telling.


June 23 was a 5 Day.


McChrystal was born on the 14th,
a 5 Day.


And his full birthday, or Life
Purpose, adds up to 32, another 5.


32 is also the mirror number for


Finally, June 23 happens to be a 9
Personal Day for McChrystal – signifying endings and culminations.


You can see how your birth numbers
and current name are the keys to interpreting and understanding your current


Do you know what frequency your
current name resonates to? Is it supporting you or causing difficulties?


How are your birth numbers and current
name affecting you right Now?


In your Intuitive Counseling Call
with me I will help you manifest all your current numbers to your benefit. You
will Know how to fulfill your goals and surpass obstacles. Your numbers will
tell you how.


Be sure to schedule your personal
while there are still openings in July.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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