Last night, after marveling at another beautiful sunset, I checked up on the news from the Entertainment world.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed a baby girl four days ago. They must have been expecting her a day early or been so exhausted they lost track of time. Or maybe they forgot their baby naming book at home. Who knows.
They named their little girl ‘Sunday’. She was born on Monday.
I dug up some other crazy names from people frequenting LaLaLand. One thing’s for sure, they ARE entertaining.
Bruce Willis and Demi Moore put things into high gear in the late 1980s with their three daughters Rumor, Scout and Tallulah. The last one at least IS a name.
Then there was Sonny and Cher’s Chastity Bono, Melanie Brown’s child Phoenix Chi, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter Apple, Toni Braxton’s kids Diezel and Denim, Sting’s daughter Fuchsia and Penn Gillette’s daughter Moxy Crimefighter. No I’m not kidding on that last one.
The good news is Nicole and Keith chose a name which adds up to a fortunate number. If ‘Sunday Rose Kidman Urban’ goes by ‘Sunday Urban’ in the Chaldean system, she’ll do well. Her other choices, ‘Sunday Kidman’ and ‘Sunday Kidman Urban’ add up to good numbers as well.
So, aside from the occasional weird looks and taunting in school, Sunday has a good name.
Now I’ll switch gears and focus on the latest in politics.
I have to say, writing my book – now in its final stages – has given me incredible insights into U.S. politics and the current Presidential candidates.
I’ve been somewhat out of the loop for the past few weeks due to our cross country move.
But I did notice a shift in one of the two candidates this month. And it did not surprise me knowing what’s going on ‘on the inside’ with his personal numbers.
Barack Obama is in a big Personal Month right now. July 2008 matches his Life Purpose Number, 29/11. This is highly significant. The seeds he is planting now are forecasting what we’ll see as he races towards the election.
Obama began a new 9 month cycle in June, when he was in a 28/1 Personal Month. Anytime someone is in a 1 Year of Month, he or she is beginning a new cycle. His new cycle was symbolized when he locked up the Democratic Nomination for President.
Now the shift has begun in earnest. Here’s why.
Barack Obama is currently in a Master Number 22/4 Personal Year. Since he was born on the 4th, experiencing a 22/4 Personal Year means, all he stands for and has yet to learn is being brought to the forefront.
As I already menationed, Barack is ALSO in a 29/11 Personal Month.
So, for Obama, July directly mirrors his Life Purpose Number which is 29/11. As a result, we are getting a much closer look at the man and his principles.
One event which caught my attention was Obama’s 180 degree flipflop on the wiretapping law, also called FISA. Barack’s main financial support by far has come from liberals denouncing the bill. He has repeatedly said on no uncertain terms that he agreed with them.
In fact, Obama promised to filibuster the FISA bill earlier this year. Instead, two days ago on July 9, he voted for it.
What I see is this. The day of the vote Obama was experiencing an 11 Personal Day along with his 22/4 Personal Year and 29/11 Personal Month. A triple activation of his true nature was in force on Wednesday. You could liken it to a powerful magnification. Made even more strong by the fact that it was a triple day of Master Numbers – 22, 11, 11.
In some ways, that vote made it a day of reckoning. He was face to face with himself when he made his decision. Obama’s vote for the bill revealed his true nature.
He chose to go against his word and vote for a plan which would broaden the government's ability to spy on its citizens. Of course, the core of his supporters were stumped. I wasn’t because I understand both sides of his numbers.
Interestingly, John Mc Cain ALSO has the 29/11 prominent in his blueprint. He’s not in a 29/11 month right now like Obama, but he IS in a 29/11 Personal Year. Watch out for September when he’ll experience an 11 month as well. 11s are leadership numbers, yet this vibration can pull you in too many directions – pleasing too many people and feeling divided as a result. Flip flopping is one of the negative expressions of this number.
You see, numbers are symbols, and symbols describe the essence of a person or an event. Mind you, there is always a choice.
Of course, flip-flopping is nothing new. Any politician who really wants to win the Presidency of the U.S. in this day and age, has to appeal to such a broad base.
And to be clear, I don’t endorse either candidate. Both McCain and Obama are people whom I look at purely from a numerological perspective.
You’ll hear the good, the bad and the ugly on all sides of the aisle. My role is to allow names and numbers to shed light on the world we are living in – and right now that world is consumed by the upcoming election and other international events which I will address soon.
On a final note I want to thank you for your patience while we settle into our new home in Arizona. Writing to all of you again is such a joy and a daily highlight.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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