On August 30 Venus creates an opposition to Pluto helping us to purify and purge old paradigms through beauty, joy and love.

  • Venus is the planet undergoing a major reawakening now along with the neglected number 13.
  • Pluto purges old structures and patterns, making room for the NEW.

Together Venus and Pluto are rekindling the importance of BEAUTY of LOVE in the life-death-transformation process.

BEAUTY can transmute pain and loss.

Beauty brings us to tears as it connects us with blissful happiness.

Beauty Purifies through LOVE.

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When Venus and Pluto are in opposition – especially right before Mars, planet of the Sacred Masculine, stations retrograde (on 9.9.) – we are being called to look at any imbalance of energy in our life.

The greatest destruction of balance is Fear.

Keep an open heart, allow your intuition to inspire you with JOY and EXCITEMENT and the blessings that are to come.

Discover how Divine Feminine VENUS and Transformation Power PLUTO are bringing energy into harmony by through intense and beautiful purification and by inviting you to make full use of INTUITION – your eternal connection to Source.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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