Happy July, 2020! This is the month that begins the second half of 2020 with an activation of the Master Number 11 for 31 straight days.

11 is all about developing and trusting your intuition – your connection to the LIGHT of Mother/Father/God – Source.

July 2020 may require quick decisions due to sudden events requiring immediate action.

In this Star Codes episode you’ll discover how the fluid, creative and mutable energy in the stars began with new beginnings energy in June which rapidly intensifies in July.

I share how my own life has been impacted by change!

  • With 11 trusting your intuition for answers and solutions is an absolute must.
  • The double 1 represents double initiative and heightened Imagination.

Master number periods offer you a chance to create master accomplishments.

11 is a Visible GATEWAY.

A portal into the Unknown.

11 represents an INITIATION.

From Darkness into Light.

The two pillars represent are dualistic nature – night and day, feminine and masculine, right and left, up and down.

Standing in the middle of the gateway creates UNITY.

In this special Star Codes episode you’ll discover how to use the 11 Gateway of empowerment and double new beginnings to initiate new opportunities for growth, abundance and spiritual awakening.

May you have a magnificent month of July!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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