You read it on emails and snail mail. People phone in asking for you. Your family and friends invoke it all the time.
It’s no wonder your first name holds really special qualities. Qualities that affect you day in and day out. In fact, you could call your first name a mantra. Because every time your name is spoken, it invokes a special vibration.
This is true, not only for you, but for the person saying your name as well.
I know, because I recently began calling two of my clients by different names. Even though I had to really focus to remember their new names, I instantly felt different MYSELF for using them.
I know this sounds strange. But imagine this scenario.
Let’s say a friend of yours has just changed his name from Bob back to Robert and is asking you to honor his decision. At first you’ll feel strange calling him Robert. The new name sounds like it belongs to a totally different person. Looking at the numbers for Bob and Robert, they are like night and day too. Which is one reason you would initially feel this way.
Try saying both names out loud. BOB. Now say ROBERT. Do you see how different they make you feel. This is why you and everyone in your life are affected by the name you use.
So what makes the first name so important?
We hear it more than ANY other noun in day-to-day life, so your name’s vibration is declared over and over again. This is why it can be likened to a mantra. Your subconscious connection to the sound of your name is very, very deep.
When it comes to Bob vs. Robert, Bob resonates to a 1 and Robert to a 33/6. What a difference. The name Bob adds up to 10/1, so he’s original, determined, competitive and may get aggressive and impulsive. Robert adds up to 33/6, a Master Number of compassion, leadership, courage, self-expression, creativity and he may be indecisive and unstable at times. He’s going to want to teach others something of importance.
What do people call you?
Do you know the number vibration your first name resonates to? Which first and last name do you currently use? Does its number harmonize with your Destiny Vibration? Or is it in conflict, and thereby challenging and slowing down your destiny? These are important questions for you to know the answers to.
Your name is your most valuable asset. Find out what’s behind the numbers in your current name and given name now.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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