Yesterday was my birthday – a beautiful day all around. I wasn’t paying much attention to the elections in Indiana and North Carolina.
Instead, I spent the day with my daughter Claire and husband Clay. All in all, it was a great day.
This morning I woke up to the election results. Obama handily won in my current home state NC and Clinton eeked out a win in Indiana. No surprise there. As I’ve been saying for months, based on his name and numbers, Barack will be the Democratic nominee. Now, it will take a miracle for Hillary to secure the nomination.
In the last weeks many people gave Hillary a chance. All I said was, just wait. A well-known numerologist colleague of mine, whom I greatly respect, has been predicting a win for Hillary all along. But I didn’t waver.
You see, my method is based on not one, but 3 ancient methods of numerology. These three – Pythagorean, Chaldean and Ancient Egyptian – create a much more compelling and vivid picture of each person’s blueprint and current numbers.
For example, one deciding factor for me is each candidate’s current name. Back in 2007 when Giuliani was a shoo-in along will Clinton to secure the nomination, I said, ‘No way. His name can’t hold up next to a couple of other men in the race. Plus his Personal Year in 2008 is NOT a winning number.’
Within a few weeks, Giuliani was off the radar screen completely.
Mitt Romney was in second place at the time, but I counted him out too – he had the SAME Personal Year in 2008 as Giuliani has right now – not a number for victory.
The only two candidates with good names AND numbers for 2008 were Huckabee and McCain. McCain has an edge since his Personal Numerology Blueprint is activated in a big way this year. He’s in a Master Number 29/11 Year, His Life Purpose is 11 and his day of birth is 29/11.
As for the Democrats, all Clinton has going for her is a great Personal Year – the number 19/1. It’s why she’s been able to hang in there for this long. However this number does NOT tie into her blueprint. And, just as importantly, her name is not a good number.
The only two candidates who have everything lined up on every level this year are John McCain and Barack Obama.
Just like McCain, Obama is in a Master Number Year which ties into his Blueprint.
Here’s another clue as to why they are doing so well and are fated to run against each other.
Both men have the SAME highly fortunate name number. ‘Barack Obama’ and ‘John McCain’ both add up to 17 – the Immortality Number. Needless to say, this is making a big difference for both of them during the election process.
It proves that, even in the midst of a messy and hard-fought campaign – having a good name is invaluable to success.
So hold on to your seats for the next few months. The race between McCain and Obama is going to be tight.
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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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