I was forced to take a break from the internet over the holidays while visiting Clay's family near Lake Tahoe. We had a great time.

My respite allowed me the quiet and space to understand the significance of our current year – 2009.

What struck me immediately about 2009 is that it reduces to 11 and 2 and so ties in directly with our new millennium – the 2000s.

To understand 2009 let's backtrack a bit, We can see that 2008 added up to 10/1 and connected to our last century, the 1900s.

The 1900s brought change. Old ways were no longer useful. New discoveries created a much better quality of life for many – amazing progress in science, manufacturing, new materials and ways for building homes, new inventions, the spirit of adventure by air – including explorations in outer space all characterized this 10/1 cycle. Competitiveness, leadership, original thought and a singular approach were the norm.

Every cycle places a magnifying glass on a set of numbers and asks you to adjust. When certain requirements are not followed, challenges result.

In the 1900s wanting to be ‘Number 1' was taken to extremes at various times and with various leaders – the world experienced two world wars, strife and struggles for supremacy.

Fast-forward to last year, also a 10/1 Universal Year.

2008 was the FIRST year in the FIRST 9-year cycle in our new millennium. In 2008 the old really began to crumble. Outdated approaches on Wall Street and in government were exposed.

Now we are in a New Year. One that adds up to 11 and reduces to 2.

The key words to the 2000s and 2009 are ‘balance and peaceful coexistence.' Those who connect to compassion and have a spiritual purpose will feel much more comfortable. If you accept the mystery, wisdom and great sensitivity of this cycle – if you communicate with your heart, your intuition – you will thrive.

Those who refuse to connect with others in a peaceful, spiritual way will slowly lose their hold.

During any 2 cycle you want to guard against conceit and making wrong choices. And this year we will be prompted to adjust to the 2 cycle with an 11 twist. 11 is a gateway and prompts you to make a choice. You can walk through the two pillars into the unknown on the other side and keep growing, just like a plant grows toward the sun.

Or you can ignore the presence of this 11 gateway and decide to keep on doing things as before. Any stubborn attachment to past, outdated thoughts and actions will result in imbalance. These people will be on shaky ground.

That's because, Master Number 11 first and foremost tests you to keep balance in your life. You do this by tuning in. Not to the media. But by checking your greatest source of wisdom – your intuition.

For example, balancing the material WITH the spiritual is one of the responsibilities in the 2000s. People and corporations who use m'oney as a spiritual resource and uplift and empower the lives of others, will do well. Those who use m'oney to hurt and deceive and gain power over others will begin to feel very uncomfortable. People who have spent their whole lives telling others how to live are losing power.

Spiritual ideas have often been scorned in the world of business and politics. However, those days are waning.

All of us will be asked to set aside our differences and communicate heart to heart. The quality of the peaceful, loving 2 demands it.

Cooperation and communication, keywords for Number 2, are greatly enhanced by the wonders of the world wide web. Networking helps us understand and transcend our differences. This very newsletter, online video, emails, internet communities, podcasts – all give us all an amazing opportunity to connect in a profoundly meaningful way.

Some of you have asked for my predictions. In a few days I will share the trends and possibilities expected for important leaders and countries.

However, All of us will be placed in situations where we will be asked to use our intuition much more actively. Reaching out to others, neighbors, friends, and strangers as a result of this year's events will be important in order for you to remain happy, safe and at peace.

You will be asked to trust and to LISTEN to your HEART.

You will have experiences where you'll know – ‘I've seen the Light.' In fact choosing light over darkness will be a test for everyone this year. ‘Light' happens to reduce to 11/2 in the Pythagorean System of Numerology. So does the word ‘Relationship.' Both words are very important during 2009.

In 2009 you have an amazing opportunity to release shackles that have been perceived as ‘necessary evils' for centuries. And some, especially young people, will act to change the system.

Will the waking up come from major Earth changes, as some are predicting?

That's certainly possible. This quest for balance, whether for the Earth or in politics and religion will be felt everywhere.

The challenge in an 11 cycle is to see beyond divisions. To transcend those ideas which separate us from one another and move towards communication and peace.

Expect 2009 to be transformative and exciting. Invigorating and an eye-opener. And an unprecedented opportunity for peace.

May your 2009 be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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