He led a grand life. Became a superstar when he starred as Moses in The Ten Commandments. Then came Ben Hur and The Planet of The Apes.
I’m talking about the great Charlton Heston who passed away yesterday at age 84.
Heston had a fascinating Personal Numerology Blueprint. His Life Purpose was the same as Ronald Reagan’s, Richard Burton’s, Claude Monet’s, Gloria Vanderbilt’s, Sidney Poitier’s, Norman Mailer’s and Julie Andrew’s.
They all share the number 20 – vibration of the peacemaker. So they would have been confronted with issues of diplomacy and peace. This number made Heston very sensitive, perceptive and somewhat shy. He probably loved music and appreciated all things beautiful.
The 20/2 also gave him an interest in relating to the world around him. No wonder he stood on the podium with Martin Luther King in 1963 for the March on Washington – and heard the famous ‘I Have A Dream’ speech live.
No wonder he was interested in civil rights and became president of the National Rifle Association. And no wonder his interest in politics extended to helping the Republican Party later in his life.
One thing to know is, any person with this Life Purpose Number is highly sensitive to criticism. They also make wonderful partners and often have great marriages. Since they are born with the gift of negotiation and diplomacy, they have a great sense of organization and can easily accomplish complicated tasks.
Charlton Heston would have craved security and comfort. Family and home are very important to 20/2s.
When I look at his birthname, I’m happy he changed it. Tell you why in a bit.
Your birthname, whether you choose to change it later or not, will always indicate your Destiny. For Heston that name was John Charles Carter. His resulting Destiny Number gave him great intuition and a magnetic presence. With his intelligence he may have had the tendency to look down on others – view the rest of the world as inferior.
This vibration also gave him a great talent for writing and speaking. He radiated with a powerful brilliance, displayed in all his leading roles.
That brings me to his current name – Charlton Heston. What a great sounding name. Turns out the number ‘Charlton Heston’ adds up to in the ancient Chaldean system is 14/5. That’s the Media Number. Need I say more. He was a movie star and will be remembered for a long time.
Your current name always sets the stage for HOW your Destiny and Life Purpose will be fulfilled.
Will it be effortless. Or a path strewn with obstacles. Will you receive help while reaching for your goals – or unforeseen challenges.
Your current name is your barometer.
If you haven’t yet, go get the report that is changing lives.
Eliminate all unnecessary challenges and obstacles that stand in your way today. By making sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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