Dick Cheney suffered his fifth
heart attack on Monday. He's lucky it was a mild one.

Of course, No heart attack is a
small event.


The former Vice President has a
long history of heart problems. Cheney's first heart attack came 32 years ago
when he was only 37 years old.


I've been asked many times if the
number of your age influences your life. Yes it does.


For Cheney, age 37 was a defining moment.
Since 37 reduces to 10/,  this
frequency ties in directly to his important Life Purpose Number – 19/10/1.


Notice that Cheney was also the 46th
Vice President of the U.S. – 46 also reduces to 10/1.


His heart attack on Monday
occurred while he is 69 years old. 6+9 = 15 and 15 reduces to 6 – the number of
health, family, and your home.


joannie rochette.jpg

Last night the 15/6 was in action
during an amazing Olympic moment.


If you watched the fabulous top
ladies skate their Olympic short program yesterday, you saw Canadian figure
skater Joannie Rochette's unbelievable performance – two days after her mother
died of a heart attack.


Well yesterday was a 15/6 Personal
Day for the Canadian. I have to say, her tremendous skate coupled with the
outpouring of love from around the world brought me to tears.


I still get chills just thinking
about what this lady actually accomplished last night.


Rochette was supported by her 15/6
Personal Day – and will have an unforgettable number tomorrow night as I wrote
two days ago.


Back to Dick Cheney.


He is in a 7 Personal Year in
2010. The month of February is a 9 Personal Month of transitions and endings
for him. Last Monday he had a 13/4 Personal Day. Keeping his heart condition in
mind, Cheney could have died with these kind of cycles.


So is there a number in his
blueprint that points to longevity? Is Cheney like a cat with nine lives?




Dick Cheney has a 98 Destiny
Number. 9+8 equals 17 – the Immortality Number. So it is his destiny to leave
behind a legacy of some kind, good or not so good.


The 17 also gives him strength and
the ability to overcome obstacles – including heart problems. That's because it
reduces to 8. Turn the 8 on its side and you see what I mean. 8 represents
power, leadership and infinity.


I'll say something else about Dick
Cheney. Based on my research into politicians and people who pull strings
behind the scenes, Cheney fits this profile to a tee.


That's because his name ‘Dick
Cheney' adds up to 34/7. 7 is the most private and secretive of numbers. The
intellectual prowess and hidden agenda of his 7 current name happens to be
coupled with his powerful 98/17/8 Destiny. Add to that his drive for success,
exhibited in his 19/1 Life Purpose – and you have yourself a very complicated
leadership package.


On another note, I believe his
five heart attacks are a sign of a lack when it comes to matters of compassion.


As with numbers, your organs
resonate to certain frequencies. The heart, of course, holds the emotional
energies in your body.


As usual lexigramming his name
sheds more light on Dick Cheney's heart condition.


Take the letters in his name ‘Dick
Cheney', and form words and create phrases. Here is one lexigram I uncovered.


“Icy Dick Cheney Checked In, In


Both the words ‘Ice' and ‘Icy' as
well as ‘Dicey' are found in his name.


With Cheney's current 7 Personal
Year, Cheney has a rare opportunity to look at his inner life and hopefully


You can see why it's so important
to understand your own name and birth numbers and see how they relate to the
present and activate your future.


Talking to me in person is a sure
way to gain the insights you need to move forward with confidence and joy. My
clients know, I cover all the numbers in your life quickly and powerfully when
you are on the phone with me.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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