Do you feel it too? There is a tangible electric energy in the air. We are in full swing in the year 2009.

Unfortunately some people are waiting to be saved or rescued in 2012.

2012 has taken on a mythical quality, with help from the media and Hollywood. Others think the world's going to end. All this conjecture is based on some ancient and modern calculations of planetary alignments and such.

But the Mayans never said the world would end. They said their old calendar was coming to a close. And that is actually good news if you ask me. Because the world sure could use a new kind of ‘calendar.'

Really, the ONLY thing that matters is what you're doing, thinking and feeling right now.

Forget about 2012.

Look around you. There is a major quickening in the air. 2009 adds up to 11 – a number of mastery and awakening. 11 symbolizes Light and electricity. 11 affects our nervous system.

This year we are all being asked to see and embrace Truth. And that means – take action.

If you resist, you may feel overwhelmed by nervous tension. Notice how there are more people going on shooting sprees – they are literally going insane.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm NOT saying that 11 cycles will drive you to the brink. No – they will ask you to Wake Up.

If you rise to the challenge – and 11 is a Master Number, so it is meant to challenge you to greater awareness and action – your success, happiness and peace of mind are assured.

If you turn away from the truth looking straight back at you – you will feel tension, nervousness and great division.

You see, 11 is a gateway. The two 1s represent two pillars through which you are being asked to walk through.

What is on the other side? – you're probably asking. Only you can find out. Your intuition, another major symbol of the 11, is trying to give you major hints.

The answer to that question is dependent on your willingness to act. Inertia is the enemy of growth. You must go beyond your comfort zone.

When you do, you will be richly rewarded.

Use the current economic crisis as a springboard. You're being commanded this year to be doubly creative and original. Take the challenge.

11 also reduces to 2, a vibration about relationships. So connect with others. Listen to your mentors. If you don't have mentor, find one who is compassionate, confident and inspires you to be a leader.

Forget about 2012. The future will unfold depending on what you do Right NOW.

One positive action you can take right now is to be sure you have a fortunate current name. Do this one thing and you will already have taken a big leap into a positive future.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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