This morning I saw a short clip on Drew Peterson and felt compelled to check his name and numbers.

I'm sharing some of what I found with you because, yet again, numbers shed much light on what is obviously a challenging story.

Drew Peterson had 4 wives, two of whom are no longer living. For Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio, Peterson's slain wives, a direct link exists. The same goes for Drew Peterson's other two wives and the woman he was recently engaged to, Christina Raines.

Today I want to focus on Peterson himself.

Here is a man who as a police officer was found guilty of disobedience and official misconduct. During his marriage to Kathleen Savio between 2002 and 2004, police were called out to the Peterson house 18 times on domestic disturbance calls.

It's pretty easy to surmise that Mr. Peterson's head was of the highly inflated kind. His name and numbers shed even more light/

Born on a 6 Day, Drew Peterson had a magnetic personality. He would have known how to make others feel comfortable and counsel them with their problems. His inclination is to be parental.

Peterson has a 26/8 Life Purpose and an 88/16/7 Destiny. This combination is very powerful and, at the same time, gives his life a fateful quality.

Let's add the final piece to the puzzle, his current name.

‘Drew Peterson' adds up to 11/2 – not a number I recommend. In a current name, 11 can indicate division, separation and incompletion. Most folks don't know how to handle this name number – Drew Peterson is no exception.

Since your current name number activates your birth blueprint either positively or negatively – it is a vital part of the equation.

So, combining Peterson's challenging 11 name with his 88 Destiny and 26/8 Life Purpose creates an extremely power-hungry personality – even a split personality of sorts.

On the one hand Drew Peterson can come across as warm and giving, and on the other hand – sooner or later – a power and control issue will come to the forefront. This recipe also indicates obstacles, trust issues and sudden events of the complicated kind.

A sudden ‘fall from a high place' is a possibility for him throughout is life. Because his 88 Destiny reduces to 16/7.

Remember John Edwards, the Senator who had a secret life while campaigning for President? His Destiny is also 88/16 – which gave him a lot of power. Unfortunately his current name adds up to 16/7 which I refer to as the ‘Lincoln Number'. And yes, he did fall from a very high place on 8.8.08.

Again, the current name was a big factor in how Edwards' birth blueprint was activated.

As for Drew Peterson, notice how his 88/16 Destiny was activated for him – the date his former wife Kathleen Savio's body was exhumed was on November 16, 2007. Amazingly 2007 was also a 16/7 Personal Year for Drew Peterson.

In fact, by connecting even more dots, we find that Kathleen Savio herself was in a 16/7 Personal Year in 2004 – when her life tragically ended.

A few days ago Peterson was indicted for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio. The date was May 7. Notice how the 7 Day activates his 16/7 once again.

Right now Drew Peterson is in an 18/9 Personal Year. This means loose ends will be tied up for him, whether he likes it or not. 9 is  always a culmination cycle. You are rewarded for the actions of your previous 9 years. You are asked to resolve and release your past.

I took note that during his marriage to Kathleen Savio police were called to the Peterson home 18 times. He also married his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, on October 18.

So yes, Drew Peterson is being confronted with his past in a major way this year. His deception is being unveiled.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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