I have heard that the Chinese symbol for ‘crisis' also means ‘opportunity'. Since I don't speak or read Mandarin I can't confirm this.

However, there IS a correlation between these two words in both Chaldean and Pythagorean Numerology.

One person who understands how to turn crisis and controversy into opportunity is Madonna. More on her in a moment.

Crisis is a 13/4 word. Definitely pointing out the ‘death' of the old and ‘birth' of the new. 13 is a symbol for transformation and change.

‘Opportunity' adds up to 53/8. Also very interesting. Immediately I notice the fateful 4 and 8 connection between these two words. They are magnetically attracted to each other.

This puts a whole new spin on what the true nature of a crisis really is. A magnetic attraction means that crises and opportunities are from the same family.

Notice how 53 is a number of great inner strength. The 8 represents abundance and the strength to overcome obstacles. 8 is the number of the executive, the athlete, the person who is a survivor and triumphs over – crises.

Using the Pythagorean system, there is also a correlation. Crisis adds up to a 5 and Opportunity to 9.

5 symbolizes risk, adventure, scattering of energy and change. A very good description of how you feel in a crisis. 5 is also the exact middle of numbers 1 through 9 – the tipping point.

9 repesents humanitarian leadership and also can indicate a larger-than-life ego. 9 is the number of completion since it represents all the numbers which have come before.

Where 5 for Crisis represents the tipping point, 9 for Opportunity symbolizes the result, the culmination.

Now is an especially good to see this wonderful relationship between crisis and opportunity expressed in numbers.

So why is Madonna so familiar with this correlation. Two reasons.

She's born on the 16th, a number indicating many sudden turn of events. It's also indicative of a deep yearning for something spiritual. Yesterday I wrote about Eckhart Tolle, a noted author on spiritual matters, who has the same day of birth.

What really helped Madonna to take controversy and crisis to a new level is her current name.

Once she changed it from ‘Madonna Ciccone', a very challenging 18 name, to just plain Madonna, the world was her oyster IF she did one thing.

Her 27 name means she had to always make SURE to carry out her OWN original ideas and goals. Not to be intimidated or influenced by opinions which differed from hers. That's when a number 27 current name brings incredible rewards.

Of course, that's precisely what Madonna ended up doing. Shocking people into buying her albums.

As for her split with Guy Ritchie, announced earlier today, consider this.

Madonna is in a 25/7 Personal Year. Since she is born on a 7 Day, this is an important cycle for her.

7 years are about going within. They tend to be slower cycles and can test your patience since we're so used to a fast-paced world and getting immediate results.

More than at any other time in a 9-year cycle, a 7 year makes you want to withdraw and be by yourself. Since Madonna has a prominent 16/7 in her Personal Blueprint, this will be especially true for her this year. The 16 also indicates sudden events will be more likely for Madonna this year.

So her split from her husband of 7.5 years during a 7 cycle comes as no surprise.

As for Guy Ritchie, he's in a 20/2 year. Relationships are being magnified for him this year. Taking stock of his current relationships and creating new business and personal ones is his main focus.

Whereas Madonna shares her fabulous 27 current name with Michael Phelps, ‘Guy Ritchie' adds up to a challenging 31/4. I recommend a change for him.

If there's only one benefit you receive from numbers, it is to take control of your life by making sure your name is good.

A fortunate name is a life-changing asset. Go to http://taniagabrielle.com/fortunate_name.html

With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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