manny ramirez.jpgI heard this morning that another high profile baseball player has been fined for taking steroids.

Baseball isn't a sport I follow. But his story caught my attention because the player in question has a career which has been filled with stellar accomplishments – his 20 grand slams are the most by any active player, and the second most all-time, behind Lou Gehrig's 23.

So what happened to Manny Ramirez.

Well a very potent combination of numbers got activated for Manny this month.

First to his success. Many Ramirez has a 134/8 Destiny Number. Your destiny describes the quality of your career – how will it be expressed, how will you be perceived and which of your qualities will be activated along the way.

8 is the leadership and power number. Many great athletes and leaders have it in their birth blueprints. 8 symbolizes the strength and confidence achieved through overcoming all obstacles.

Ramirez' career as a baseball leader and achiever is not disputed.

But here's why he's being confronted by his mistakes and dishonesty right now – a combination of very potent numbers have been activated for him.

1. Ramirez is in a 17/8 Personal Year. His Destiny is 8.

2. May is a 22/4 Personal Month for him.

Numbers 4 and 8 are magnetically attracted to each other and will cause fateful events depending on the person's past actions.

3. Today, the day the story about his steroid use and suspension broke, is the 7th of May. His Life Purpose is 25/7.

4. Today is a 29/11 Personal Day for him. His current name adds up to 29/11.

This could have been an amazing year for Manny Ramirez. 17/8 indicates being remembered for something, like a stellar baseball career. So I'm not surprised this twelve-time All-Star released his authorized biography two months ago.

Here's one important number he should make sure to change. His current name ‘Manny Ramirez' adds up to 29/11.

11 is a Master Number and indicates mastery. However, 29/11 is never recommended when it comes to any current names – business or personal. Here's why  

A 29 current name carries one of the most challenging missions of all. It tests Ramirez constantly for spiritual strength. These tests are played out as trials and tribulations. His life may be filled with uncertainties, unexpected dangers and untrustworthy friends.

The 11 indicates he feels divided because he's being pulled in different directions. Or he may refuse to see the other side and prevent himself from feeling at peace.

Coupled with all the other numbers being triggered for him right now, ‘Manny Ramirez' is activating an equation which, due to his past actions, is coming back to haunt him. This complicated recipe includes another trigger – his 8 Personal Year and 4 Personal Month.

4 and 8 in combination with another important 4 or 8 in your blueprint will bring fateful events depending on your previous actions.

And to make matters even more dramatic look at what happened after he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers last July.

Ramirez has ALWAYS worn uniform number 24, a very lucky number attracting huge success and abundance.

In so many ways, his 24/6 jersey has protected him. Until now.

You see, the Dodgers have retired that number in honor of Hall-of-Fame manager Walter Alston. So they offered him jersey Number 28.

He should have accepted.

But Ramirez countered the Dodgers' suggestion of 28 by suggesting 34 – a very challenging number for him especially. However no Dodger has worn that number since Fernando Valenzuela. So it wasn't going to happen.

Finally, Manny Ramirez accepted number 99 – but changed his mind the NEXT day and asked for 28 – the Dodgers' original suggestion.

However the Dodgers' marketing department had already begun producing merchandise with number 99, so Ramirez stuck with that number.

Notice the back and forth ‘feeling divided' quality that his 29/11 name represents.

And what of his number 99 uniform number. It's a powerful vibration – but not for Manny. If he had a highly fortunate current name, I wouldn't have been concerned. But 99 reduces to 18 – and that number makes his current situation even more complicated.

That's because one of the warnings with 18 is that he may experience deception from friends and enemies.

His 99/18/9 jersey number also indicates his life and career are undergoing a rapid transformation.

In summary, Manny's current troubles had no choice but to come to light now. Remember 2009 is an 11 year where truth will be revealed. For Ramirez', who has the 29/11 challenging name, it's not going to be easy.

Here's may advice to Ramirez.

I recommend he change the spelling of his name to Many Ramirez immediately –  this name adds up to an amazingly fortunate 33/6.

He could release the complications of his current 29 name and attract positive, helpful people and events into his life without losing his ability to magnetize wealth.

May your current name do the same for you.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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