Since July's release of 92,000 documents
related to the Afghan War, WikiLeaks is making front page news. The number
92,000 is significant. It reduces to 11/2 – showing why great division was
caused as a result of this leak.


In a moment you will see how the
number 11/2 relates to WikiLeaks' editor-in-chief, Julian Assange.


Many questions inevitably rise up
when it comes to releasing ‘secrets'.


Whatever its future role may be, the
name ‘WikiLeaks' carries a great frequency. Yes, just like your current name –
business and website names also carry a vibration. And for this whistleblower website,
things look good.


“WikiLeaks” adds up to 24/6, a
highly fortunate number.


Interestingly, a 24 current name
brings assistance from others in high positions. Wikileaks has been the topic
in front page news across the world – something that does not happen without


A 24/6 name also carries a lot of
magnetism – definitely helpful if you want to be recognized.


Julian Assange.jpg

However, Julian Assange,
editor-in-chief, will not fare as easily. On August 20 he was arrested on rape
and molestation charges. The arrest warrant was canceled within hours.


He will continue to face


That's because “Julian Assange” adds
up to a difficult current name number – 11/2, which attracts division and a
feeling of incompletion. 11 names also bring the possibility of treachery from
others. A smear-campaign against him for leaking secrets on WikiLeaks certainly
fits these parameters.


Notice too that August 20 reduces
to 2, just as his 11/2 name does. This was a trigger.


Assange will continue to face
challenges unless he changes the spelling of his name to a fortunate frequency.


I could not locate Julian
Assange's birthday.


However, IF he does Not have a 4
or 8 Day or Birth or Life Purpose Number, he would benefit greatly from the
following spelling –


“Julian Asange”.


Aside from taking out one of two
S's in ‘Assange' – a good thing when lexigramming his name – this new spelling
would change his frequency from a difficult 11 to a highly fortunate 17/8. 17
attracts wealth and signifies leaving a legacy behind.


As you can see, removing, adding
or changing just one letter can make all the difference in your life.


Make sure your current name number
is supporting you.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


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