hemingway.jpgI'm realizing more and more that families have numbers in common. Like a ‘numbers genetics'.

Take the Hemingway family for example. A few weeks ago I looked at Ernest Hemingway's birth blueprint. I was struck by one number that was repeated over and over again.

Then I checked his two famous granddaughters' blueprints. Both Mariel and Margaux Hemingway have this number – but in different degrees – as well. I'll explain how it affected each of them, especially Margaux, in a moment.

Ernest Hemingway's life and work are legendary. He led an adventurous, creative and lonely, qualities reflected in his birth numbers.

Hemingway was born on the 21st, a 3 Day.

He has a 10/1 Essence and a 37/10/1 Life Purpose Number.

His Destiny is 111/3.

His Soul Number is 46/10/1.

And his complex Personality fittingly was a 65/11.

Notice the number 1 appears everywhere in his blueprint. Even Hemingway's 111/3 Destiny and 21/3 Day of Birth include the number 1.

In fact his 111/3 Destiny is very, very powerful. He shares it with Henry Kissinger and the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Hemingway was destined to be in a leadership position. With so many 1s, his ego would have the tendency to inflate as well. 1 is like the letter I, representing ‘me'.

Why did he become a writer?

Because his 3 Day of Birth and 3 Destiny are about self-expression – writing, performing, being on stage, having a voice that expresses feelings.

As for his many 1s, they influenced his life in a major way.  1s are creative, sensitive, obstinate, independent, focused and ambitious. Hemingway was only 18 years old when he walked into the newsroom of the Kansas City Star and began his writing career.

1s prefer to do it alone, their way is often the ONLY way – so writing fits the bill perfectly. This number can also be self-centered and proud.

By excelling both academically and athletically – he boxed and played football – Hemingway exhibited the excellence and drive of being “number 1.”

And now for the icing on the cake – his current name number.

Amazingly ‘Ernest Hemingway' ALSO adds up to 10/1. 10 is the ‘Instant Manifestation' number.

So this man was able to manifest his ideas and subconscious feelings very quickly. The rub is that they WILL manifest, good or bad.

Notice how Hemingway received the Pulitzer Prize in 1953, a 10/1 Personal Year for him.

When a number is so predominant, there is a flipside. And so it was with the Hemingway family. Why did so many members of his family take their own lives – his father, his siblings Ursula and Leicester, and his granddaughter Margaux.

Let's look at Margaux who had several health issues. Her 29/11 Life Purpose and a 10/1 Destiny activate the 1 as well. She passed away on a 1 Day. Margaux also had a challenging current name number, which did not help matters. Remember your Current name activates your birth blueprint in a certain way – positively, neutrally or negatively.

Fortunately Margaux's younger sister, the lovely and HEALTHY Mariel Hemingway, is not continuing this pattern. Paying attention to her physical and emotional health is one of the key reasons that Mariel is thriving inside and out.

Also, Mariel does Not have a number in her blueprint which reduces to 1 – though this number makes an appearance in a 110/2 Destiny and her current name.

Note that their father Jack Hemingway, Ernest's first son, was born on October 10 and died on December 1, continuing the string of 1s. In fact Hemingway's brother Leicester was also born on a 1 Day.

You may be asking whether this number is a challenging one to have in your blueprint. NO.

1 happens to set up a particular pattern in this famous family. Diabetes runs in the Hemingway family. 1s can feel isolated and lonely – especially when ill. This number is all about independence. When a physical or mental illness or addiction enters into the picture – the independent feeling can feel shattered. The ego can fall into a depression.

1s are very sensitive and proud. So, they may not turn to others for help. This self-imposed isolation during an illness is one of the main reasons so many Hemingways ended their lives early.

Mariel Hemingway has made health and wellness a very important part of her life. She has turned the family tradition around by becoming the master of her mind, body and spirit. I love her for her indomitable spirit. She has turned tragedy into triumph.

Keep in mind the number 1 can manifest anything with lightning speed.

So 1 is a wonderful, original number to have in your blueprint. With a positive mindset, this number creates miracles.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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