Jackson family.jpgMichael Jackson's sudden death from prescription drug overdose has triggered the Jackson family dynamics in a big way.

Every family has a particular story, and so it is with the famous Jackson family.

In my seminar I will explore this on a very deep level.

Joe and Katherine Jackson, the parents of nine Jackson children, have the numbers 4 and 8 – also called the numbers of ‘fate and destiny' – between them and running throughout their family.

There are two other important numbers active within the Jackson clan, but today I want to explore the 4 and 8 dynamic.

Most people who have even just one prominent 4 or 8 in their Personal Numerology Blueprint, are attracted to other people with 4s or 8s. Plus, major events, phone numbers, addresses and names frequently add up to one of these two numbers.

That's because 4 and 8 are magnetically attracted to each other. Let's see this dynamic in action within the Jackson family.

Joe Jackson was born on the 26th, an 8 Day.

His current name ‘Joe Jackson' adds up to 35/8.

This sets up a very, very powerful and challenging dynamic. Additionally Joe has a 9 Life Purpose and 9 Destiny. Wow. It's a combination of numbers that symbolizes leadership, overcoming obstacles, great creativity and success.

On the flip side, a double 9 often means a mega ego. Coupled with his challenging 35/8 name and his 26/8 Day of Birth, Joe Jackson must be a very imposing man – and father.

His wife Katherine, a Jehovah's Witness since 1965, was born on the 4th and has a 22/4 Life Purpose.

Immediately you see the numbers 8 and 4 activated between these two. Katherine also shares a 9 Destiny with her husband.

Let's look at some of their nine children.

First there's Michael Jackson. He has an 8 Destiny and a 44/8 Current Name.

La Toya Jackson has an 8 Destiny too.

Randy Jackson has a 26/8 name.

Tito Jackson has a 13/4 Destiny.

So does Jackie Jackson. Jackie also was born on the 4th and has a 26/8 current name.

Rebbie Jackson, the oldest, has a 13/4 Destiny too. Her Life Purpose is 31/4.

Marlon Jackson has a 44/8 current name, like his brother Michael. By the way, with current names 44/8 and 26/8 carry the same meaning.

Interestingly, only one Jackson child does not have a prominent 4 or 8 – Janet Jackson.

Instead her blueprint activates one of the other two prominent numbers I found within this family – 7 – a number very prominent in Michael's life as well.

If you're wondering what the third number running throughout the Jackson family is – it's 29/11. This combo of 4 and 8, 7 and 29/11 is very much part of another famous American family as well, namely the Kennedys, as I reveal in my book.

Keep in mind, fame doesn't bring happiness. Peace of mind does.

That goes for the Jacksons as well. When I see all these 4s and 8s mixed in with the number 7 and 29/11 I can feel the internal energy and power going through the roof. Of course, creative energy must be expressed. As for HOW this self-expression happens depends on each individual of the family.

This particular numbers' dynamic can often be challenging, ESPECIALLY when current names are not fortunate as is the case for nearly all the Jacksons.

Like I said, every family has a unique recipe. Understanding your numbers really helps to heal relationships and open up lines of communication.

It's why I will be including this important topic in my Triple Platinum Numbers System coaching seminar starting in 10 days.

Here's the good news.

As of yesterday I can accept one more lucky person into this amazingly empowering event.

So register today. Join me in Sedona next week!

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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