I loved seeing a possible tragedy turn into a wonderful, uplifting story. Like yesterday when the cold Hudson River was turned into a temporary runway. For a fully loaded airbus.

Interestingly yesterday's Universal Date was 18/9. And 18 can warn of danger from the elements.

I never would have included a flock of geese as a dangerous element. Then I got to thinking. They were probably big geese – overfed and under-exercised, city-dwelling geese. Not what you want flying into an airline jet engine.

The man who saved the day represents everything you would want in a captain of a vessel. As his U.S. Airways plane was sinking fast he checked every nook and cranny twice before embarking last.

By the way, Flight Number 1549 adds up to a fortunate number 19/1 – which helped the total equation yesterday.

Chelsey B. Sullenberger had lost total power in both engines. Had he been flying at higher altitude, the plane would have plunged. So it was a fabulously lucky day all around.

I couldn't locate any birth info for this heroic pilot. As usual though, his current name number reveals a lot.

Whether you add his middle initial or not, ‘Chelsey B. Sullenberger' has a highly fortunate name. His official name, with the B, adds up to 17/8.

8 symbolizes strength, abundance and overcoming obstacles.

17 indicates he'll be remembered for something he represented or did and leave some kind of legacy behind – it's the Immortality Number. I'm sure his landing will be remembered in many record books.

Then there's the name version without the middle initial. It's also fanatastic. And lucky. ‘Chelsey Sullenberger' is a 15/6 name. Notice yesterday was the 15th.

Amazingly, one of the results of 15/6 is receiving favors and gifts from others. I think the captain hit jackpot on that one when rescue boats emerged from everywhere and helped rescue his passengers from the frigid temperatures – as the plane was sinking fast.

Number 15 also brings happiness to others – this vibration shines a light in the darkness. Everyone was touched an uplifted by yesterday's dramatic events.

With his wonderful name, Chelsey Sullenberger is able to activate forces in his favor. Yes, your current name is the Activator. It directs and sets the tone for all the numbers in your Personal Numerology Blueprint. As a result, you are either helped – or hindered – by your current name number.

It's why I always say, if you do only ONE thing, be sure your current name is fortunate.

There's no easier way than to get your ‘Is My Name Fortunate?' report.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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