Being unplugged from the news was refreshing. Now Claire is back in school, after seven days at home so I'm tuning back in.

I noticed this morning that Barack Obama has a Big speech tonight. The State of the Nation.

Wouldn't you know it – today is a 31/4 Personal Day for Obama. The President was born on the 4th. The U.S. was also born on the 4th. AND ‘2009 is a 22/4 Personal Year for the U.S. That's a lot of 4s being activated tonight and throughout 2009.

Let's look more closely at this number's meaning and then check how it's been very active for America already this year.

The number 4 covers many issues bubbling to the surface right now. Borders, for one. 4 symbolizes the square and represents your home, buildings, and boundaries.

In the creation story, the earth was formed on the 4th day. So all earthly things are represented by this number. When a person or country are in a 4 cycle, security and work issues will be on the forefront.

This number is also called the ‘creative builder.'

So during 4 cycles a country or person is asked to be patient, industrious and to save.

Law and order are also in the forefront. Watch for more stories on law-breakers like Made-off and Allen Stanford. Also watch for the government wanting to establish order.

Finally, 4 actually symbolizes the government of a country. This means government will be a big story this year. Is there too much of it. Or do people want more government control. Either way policies and policy makers will be under the microscope.

President Obama's 31/4 Personal Day on his State of the Union speech means two things. On the one hand he'll feel invigorated because two of the main numbers in his Blueprint are activated.

On the other hand – fateful events are associated when numbers 4 and 8 are activated in relation to someone's blueprint and his or her current personal cycles. Like they are for both the President and the country he leads.

When this happens over and over again, I take notice.

For example, notice that the Stimulus Bill was passed on February 13th – a 4 Day. Then, President Obama signed it on the 17th, an 8 Day.

Finally, the stimulus bill totals 787 billion. Add those three digits and you get – 22 which reduces to 4. Remember the U.S. is in a 22/4 Personal Year in 2009. And President Obama is the 44th President.

I could go even further into this fascinating recipe of numbers right now.

But what's really MOST important is that You are taken care of. One of the easiest ways to support your life by making sure you have a Fortunate Name.

The effect of a fortunate current name is Never to be underestimated.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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