tiger.jpgIf Tiger Woods had been known as ‘Eldrick Woods' or ‘Tont Woods' could he have been as successful?

Jeff Korhan, one of my Twitter followers, says ‘Ouch. A  marketer's nightmare.' Yes, those two names are harder to get excited about. ‘Tiger Woods' has a totally different and powerful ring to it.

It's a perfect fit for him. And YES, ‘Tiger Woods' HAS made a difference in this great golfer's life. Not just professionally, but personally as well.

‘Tiger Woods' adds up to the magical number 15/6. If there's one word to describe this alchemist on the links – it is magical. His come from behind wins are now legendary.

His 15 name number is extremely lucky. It carries enchantment – audiences love him.  It helps Tiger receive favors and gifts from others who are super willing to help you. And, 15 gives him compelling charisma and the ability to bring happiness to others.

Tiger Woods has created a whole industry of golf enthusiasts. Interest in everything Tiger has helped many an entrepreneur.  

In fact, he is credited for dramatically increasing prize money in golf. His Chinese-Thai-African American-Dutch-Native American ancestry has helped to attract kids from all different cultures to the game.

As usual, the major numbers in Tiger's Personal Numerology Blueprint are playing out in his current cycles as well.

His first child with his wife Elin Nordegren was born in 2007 – a 15/6 Personal Year for Tiger, activating his name, 3 Day of Birth and 9 Destiny. Since 15 reduces to 6, a home, family and parental vibration, 2007 was a perfect time for Tiger to become a dad.

By the way, for Elin it was a 2 Personal Year. 2 Indicates slowing down, new relationships and communication. Her Life Purpose is a 20/2. And she has a twin sister. Fascinating.

Going back to Tiger – last year he had an injury-shortened season.

Again, we see how your current cycles are active – whether you know about numerology or not.

2008 happened to be a 16/7 Personal Year for him. Tiger was Meant to slow down. After he forced Rocco Mediate into a sudden death playoff on June 15, and subsequently won the U.S. Open, Tiger announced he was leaving the season early to undergo ACL surgery.

I predict this year he'll recover well.

Then, watch out for 2010. Tiger Woods will be in a 9 Year. With a 9 Destiny, 3 Day of Birth, and highly fortunate 15/6 name, 2010 will be a year to remember. Most of his blueprint will be lit up in lights.

So did the change from ‘Eldrick Woods' to ‘Tiger Woods' help him? Yes.

He has Vuong Dang Phong, a Vietnamese soldier friend of his father's, to thank for his ‘Tiger' nickname. Woods became known as ‘Tiger Woods' by the time he had achieved national recognition in junior and amateur golf.

It's a good thing, since ‘Eldrick Woods' adds up to 11/2 in the ancient Chaldean system I use for your current name.

11 does indicate mastery and achievment – but in a current name it can bring division, indecision and obstacles. That's because 11 is a testing number.

When Eldrick switched to Tiger, he unleashed the highly fortunate and magical 15 in his life.

Aside from being a marketer's dream, ‘Tiger Woods' unleashes a powerful and supportive energy in his favor. The great thing about a fortunate name is that it will take you as FAR as you want it too.

Now that you know about the power of your current name to influence your life, be sure you take this opportunity to succeed and prosper.

I bet you Tiger Woods has no idea how fortunate his name is. But it's helped him nonetheless. That's because numbers don't lie. They are active whether you know about them or not.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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