johnny carson and ed.jpgYesterday after a fun day with my daughter Claire, I heard that TV legend Ed McMahon had passed away. He was 86 years old.

What immediately caught my attention was his age – 86 reduces to 14, the Media Number. What better way to describe McMahon, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show sidekick for three long decades. I remember his ‘Heeeere's Johnny' as if it was yesterday.

Interestingly Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon have a very important number in common. In fact it ties directly into the Media Number and explains why their TV relationship lasted so long.

The number I'm referring to is 23/5.

Ed McMahon passed away yesterday, June 23. He was born in the 23rd year of last century, 1923.

Johnny Carson was born on the 23rd. He had a 23/5 Life Purpose Number. And he also died on a 23/5 Day just like Ed McMahon.

This is a very strong pattern between the two.

Any number which reduces to 5 is aligned with the media, taking risks, a magnetic personality, adventure and multiple talents in many different arenas. 5 also represents the 5 senses, so 5 people love to explore everything and travel the world – either physically or in their

23/5 symbolizes the Royal Star of the Lion – it gives extra strength and bestows rewards and protection from people in high positions of power.

Johnny Carson had a Double 23 in his birth blueprint. Very rarely do I see the same two-digit number repeated like this. He definitely used his gifts to benefit from the strength and success this highly fortunate number brings.

Ed McMahon also had a double number going for him – the number 6. He was born on the 6th and his full  birthday, or Life Purpose Number, adds up to 24/6.

And when you look at the tributes to McMahon you'll know that much of his skill was making OTHER people look good. He loved helping others. He wanted others to shine – and this is totally in line with the parental 6. You can liken this number to a proud parent who loves seeing his or her children succeed.

A perfect number for McMahon who was really there to make Johnny Carson and all the other guests comfortable.

Recently Ed McMahon had some major financial challenges.

His current name, ‘Ed McMahon' would have attracted some challenges, since it adds up to 11/2.

‘Johnny Carson' on the other hand had a highly fortunate current name number – 45/9. In fact this vibration demanded that he use his own original ideas and not be intimidated or influenced by opinions that differed from his. He certainly followed that rule and reaped a rich harvest.

Here's something else I discovered that's fascinating.

Ed McMahon's Destiny Number, the vibration most connected to your career, was 101, which reduces to 2. Number 2 is all about diplomacy, peace and relationship.

So it was his Destiny to have a meaningful partnership during his career.

Partnering with Johnny Carson, as well as supporting him and his guests emotionally was written all over his numbers. As a host of ‘Star Search' he again was given a role of making shine.

It's known that when they first met, Johnny Carson was shy and Ed McMahon drew him out. He had a very warm persona and didn't mind being 2nd fiddle to Carson.

As a result, McMahon became Carson's trusted sidekick, making his nightly introduction to the world, supporting his quips with down-to-earth lines, and making all of the guests comfortable on the Tonight Show couch.

Compare that to Johnny Carson who had a lot of ‘mental' numbers – 1, 5 and 7. As a result, his mind was lightning quick – perfect for a comedian who has to stay cool under pressure while his mind responds to shifts and responses in his audience with split second timing.

Off camera Johnny was quiet and private, reflecting his 7 Destiny, the most private of numbers.

In contrast, McMahon had a big huggable warm personality on and off the stage and was known for his huge heart. His double 6, the number representing parental love and compassion, reflects who he was to a tee.

Ed McMahon will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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