I was living in Santa Monica the day that OJ Simpson was acquitted on October 3, 1995.

13 years later, things are different. For one, 2008 is  a 26/8 Personal Year for OJ. Often a 26/8 cycle feels  like a slew of fateful and destined events suddenly enter your life.

The active role that number 13 played in OJ's recent verdict is amazing. Here we have a symbol, the number 13, telling a compelling story.

Last Friday, October 3, 2008, OJ was convicted for armed robbery Exactly 13 years to the day of his L.A. murder trial verdict.

OJ committed his crime at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino last year on September 13. That date adds up to 22/4 – very significant, since the double 4 in that date equals 8 indicating fateful events.

His trial lasted 13 days.

The jury deliberated 13 hours.

What do all these 13s signify. An end to conditions that are no longer useful. 13 always indicates a transformation. For OJ, this slew of 13s indicates karma is active – the death of one part of his life and birth of the next chapter – in jail.

The 13/4 also activates his 26/8 year in a fateful way. Notice two times 13 equals 26. All in all, the combination of several 13/4s with his current cycle shows the chickens have come home to roost.

Add the 4 to the 8 and you get the ‘Victiim' number 12 again. That's significant because OJ's Destiny is 84/12/3.

In a nutshell, an 84/12/3 Destiny means OJ is great at self expression, acting, being on stage. At the same time, he really identifies with being a victim – or victimizer.

This 12 is given a lot more fuel because of his current name. ‘OJ Simpson' adds up to the ‘Victim Number' 12/3 too. His wife Nicole and Ron Goldman were murdered on June 12. That year, 1994, OJ was in a 39/12/3 Personal Year. For him June 12, 1994 was a 12/3 Personal Day.

Again, we're seeing one particular number seen everywhere across the board.

OJ's dramatic example clearly shows how your current name number draws events and people into your life who reflect back the meaning of your name. Consider that Nicole Brown Simpson's Life Purpose Number was 39/12/3.

Happily, the reverse is true as well.

When I changed my name to ‘Tania Gabrielle' I started having amazing ‘coincidences' in my life – related to my new name number.

When Stevland Judkins changed his name to ‘Stevie Wonder' he did himself a huge favor too. Both ‘Stevie Judkins' and ‘Stevland Judkins' are challenging name numbers. Compare that to ‘Stevie Wonder' which adds up to the magical 15/6, a truly fortunate name.

This is because every number carries a specific vibration.

So if your current name is 12/3 like OJ's, you'll attract experiences that can make you feel like a victim. Al Gore is a prime example of someone whose 12/3 current name has played a role in his life.

Both ‘Jessica Simpson' and ‘Lindsay Lohan' are 12/3 names.

A challenging current name doesn't mean you can't be successful. It does usually mean your success will be laced with obstacles, frustrations and delays. Obstacles that would not be there if your name resonated to a fortunate, helpful number.

Make sure you don't unknowingly attract frustrations to your career or relationships. A fortunate name allows you to experience both peace of mind and success.

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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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