The date of 07-07-07 is a very special date. For one, it may be the most popular wedding date in history.
Sevens have an obvious appeal. Let’s start with the simplicity of today’s date – especially for guys who might be prone to memory lapses. Gamblers in Las Vegas also love the seven. Not only is 7-7-7 the top slot machine jackpot, it also adds up to 21 in Black Jack.
But the number 7 has much deeper significance as well.
In Pythagorean Numerology the seven is filled with mysticism. We have seven days in a week, where the 7th day was a day of introspection and rest. There are seven notes in a musical scale. And the Seven Wonders of the World.
Religious symbolism abounds as well with God creating the world in 7 days, Catholics celebrating the seven sacraments and seven virtues. It’s fitting, with today being the most popular wedding date in history, that at a Jewish wedding the bride circles the groom seven times and the newly married couple has seven days of festive meals.
In nearly every ancient culture there are frequent references to the number 7. Consider the age-old belief that we have seven chakras. The moon has a role to play in this belief as well, since it changes every seventh day.
Pythagoras called 7 the perfect number.
3 plus 4 equals 7, where the 3 is the triangle and the 4 is the square, both symbols of perfect figures.
If you look one of our Seven Wonders, the Pyramid at Giza, you’ll see the significance. The base is a square. 4 equal sides representing a strong foundation and order, key vibrations of the number four. From each of the four sides rises a triangle, the number 3. The three represents creative expression – think amazement and awe in this case – as well as beauty and joy.
Thus combining the 4 with the 3 makes for an immensely powerful vibration. Most cultures consider seven to be a lucky number.
There are the 7 Holy Temples for the Arabians. In the Persian mysteries aspirants had to pass through seven spacious caverns. Both the Goths and Romans had seven deities whose names later made up our days of the week.
07.07.07 only comes around once in a lifetime. Celebrate by connecting with nature – a key ingredient to activating the seven energy.
And don’t forget to find out whether your personal Pythagorean Numerology Blueprint has the mystical seven vibration.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
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