Finally the big day has arrived – 09.09.09. It's a major day of
endings and beginnings, letting go and starting fresh.


the fact the 2009 adds up to 11, and this date becomes even more significant.
11 looks like a doorway, and literally represents walking through a gateway
into the unknown. This is exactly what we do when we release our past and begin


can be a scary time for some, but doesn't have to be this way. Just remember,
you are being asked to change, change and change yet again. If you hold onto
old beliefs that don't serve you any longer then you will feel stuck.


death and rebirth are essential to our growth and well-being. And today we
celebrate letting go on every level.


of the ideas we're being asked to transform is – time and our adherence to


what I mean.


are in a major period of change. Have you noticed how time isn't what it used
to be? First of all, everything is quickening. We're literally being prompted
re-evaluate the two-dimensional straight line of time we plan our lives around.


two-dimensional timeline is outdated. We are at the threshold of a brand new
experience. It's like we're all at a global freshman orientation.


have set ideas of how fast or slow it takes to accomplish tasks and goals.


what if time is an illusion.


if many of the beliefs we hold serve us for a while and then become outdated.


where we find ourselves today. A completely new experience.


another level, every one of us is feeling an intense TRIPLE effect of one
number today.


For example, isn't it
interesting that President Obama chose 09.09.09 at 9 pm eastern to present his
healthcare reform speech in front of a joint session of Congress. As a celebrity
numerologist I can tell you that this is no coincidence – someone is paying
attention to the power of numbers.


Barack Obama will be experiencing a 5 Personal Year, 5 Personal Month and 5
Personal Day. The number triple 5 signifies risk, gambling, adventure and
unexpected events. 5 is the number for the salesman and politician.


You too have a triple number in
effect today. You can find that number by adding your day and month of birth to
2009. For example, for President Obama you add August 4 to 2009 – 8+4+2+0+0+9 =
23. Then add 2+3 = 5. So on 09.09.09 Obama is experiencing a triple 5.


Notice the powerful effect of your
number all day long.


Meet each moment with an open
heart and a strong willingness to change. Today can be a magical,
transformative day for you.


Warmest Regards,


Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Stay tuned to your inbox for an important
e-mail from me tomorrow. I'm unveiling something really special.


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