Mercury stations retrograde from October 13/14 through November 3 deepening the rapid transformation enveloping humanity right now.

This is the final Mercury retrograde of the year – and what powerful code it activates!

Given that the final Mercury retrograde of the last decade was in Scorpio and we are ending the first year of the decade with a retrograde in the same sign, the cleansing, healing, and connecting are extremely potent and magical.

An amazing lineup of powerful transits accompany the beginning and end of the retrograde.

It all begins on October 13 (Americas) – October 14 (Universal Time):

In our latest Star Codes episode you’ll discover the meaning of:

  • MARS and MERCURY both retrograding at the same time.
  • Mercury stations retrograde at 11°
  • Mercury is opposite Uranus at the moment it changes direction.
  • A T-Square is activated by Mars retrograde opposite the Sun and the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn Stellium in Capricorn.
  • Two beautiful transits, including a lovely sextile from Mercury to Venus and the Moonbring wonderful gifts.
  • Amazing Star Codes on the day that Mercury stations direct on November 3!

Discover how Mercury retrograde will enhance your life through surrender and reflection, invite you to be a divine conduit and cleanse old unconscious energetic patterns from your life.

Watch the important Mercury Retrograde Star Code forecast HERE.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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