Happy AUGUST, the powerful 8th month of the year!

And we have a very empowering Full Moon on the horizon to begin the month.

A Full Moon in Aquarius is going to bless us on August 3 (4:59 PM UT, 11:59 AM EST, 8:59 AM PST PST.

With the Moon at 11° Aquarius opposite the Sun at 11° in Leo the 11:11 Portal opens up in a beautiful way.

  • 11 is the number of LIGHT.
  • 11 is the portal of living utterly in the present moment.

Leo (ruled by the Sun) where the Sun is at 11° opposite Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) where the Moon is at 11° are creating an 11:11 portal of LIGHT and Present Moment Living.

Plus, Uranus is creating a powerful T-square to the Sun and Moon!

Uranus urges you to take risks.

If you want more LOVE in your life, and more LIGHT to shine, then take a big risk.

That is the big message of freedom with this Aquarius Full Moon.

Aquarius is the sign of freedom and breakthroughs…. and celebrating your glorious uniqueness.

Aquarius likes to go out of bounds, cover new ground, focus on the future, leave old paradigms behind, and in a New Moon guarantees many new beginnings.

Aquarius governs the higher mind – HIGHER Consciousness – exploring new pathways, new angles, new ideas with utmost freedom.

So, in this Star Codes Forecast you’ll discover:

  • Themeaning of the 11:11 portal as the Big Awakening unfolds.
  • How the dynamic T-Square to Uranus, ruling planet of this Aquarius Full Moon, will impact your life.
  • What the exact opposition between Mercury and Saturn means to you.
  • The wonderful trine to Chiron from the Sun – indicating rapid HEALING.

As usual we’ll end the episode with Powerful Tips!

Light is in the process of revealing EVERYTHING.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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