There’s so much to share with you this week! The star codes are super active right now, creating an unprecedented shift as we close in on a New Age.

Between the fortunate, empowering Pluto/Jupiter conjunction (final of three meetups) happening TODAY, Mars finally stationing direct on Friday the 13th of November, and the stunning Scorpio New Moon on November 15… energy is intensifying like never before.

We are preparing for the stunning December 21 Solstice – the official start of the Age of Aquarius.

First, the Scorpio New Moon.

This magical lunation is all about wealth, healing and empowerment!

November 2020 is a 6 Universal Month of Love, Family and Nurturing, and the Scorpio New Moon on November 15 activates both 15 – vibration of spiritual alchemy, abundance, joy and magic – and the number 6.

Thus the capacity for deep, sensitive FEELINGS, a renewed focus on nurturing family and close friends, and a strong flow of abundance – these are all avail