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It is good to hear that European airspace is open for travel
again. I arrived back from my own travels yesterday.


Today is Earth Day, a holiday that
had its first celebration 40 years ago. That makes today even more significant,
because Earth Day occurs every year on April 22.


22 reduces to 4. And the 40th
anniversary does as well.


4 symbolizes a square and
represents the earth, architecture and homes, manifestation and grounding. The
image of the 4 even looks like a ‘divining rod' used by experts to locate water
lines in the earth.


So the fact that Earth Day is in
April – the 4th month – on the 22nd – a 4 Day – and celebrating
its 40th anniversary this year, is very interesting.


Here is what this formula of
numbers reveals about Earth's immediate future.


First of all, the 4 is activated
by the 40th anniversary. Anytime 4s interact with each, fateful
events are more easily triggered. This also applies to the number 8. The events
will feel ‘destined' to many people. All upcoming earth changes fall under the
umbrella of extreme weather, earthquakes, pollution, war damage and air


Secondly, 2010 is an 11 Personal
Year for Earth Day. Since Earth Day falls on the 22nd, we have two
double digit ‘Master Numbers' – 11 and 22 – activated this year.


What this indicates is that
Earth's inhabitants will be confronted more than before. Double digit numbers
intensify the forecast. The 11 and 22 symbolize individuals and groups will
join hands and will be deeply affected this year.


It is apparent to most people that
our planet is stirring more than usual.


So it is no surprise that these
Earth Day numbers compliment my forecast for 2010. What I see is that events
will escalate during the second part of this year.


The good news – by staying
grounded and connecting to your intuition, you will be able to transcend the
drama of 2010 in your own life.


Numbers are tools to help us
understand our lives, our environment and the people around us. Since
everything can be reduced to numbers, the symbolism revealed in your current
name and cycles is vital to helping you manifest your future.


Make sure you have all the
information you need to transcend the changes enveloping the world right now.
From political, to financial to physical – a major transition is occurring.


One easy and powerful way to stay
protected and in control of your life is by talking to me about your upcoming
personal cycles for 2010 and 2011.


During personal phone consultations
with me, you receive answers to all your questions.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle


P.S. Your birth name, current
name, birthday and current cycles create an amazing story about who you are and
where you are going. My New ‘Secrets and Mysteries' DVD package teaches you how
to forecast your future. Use these powerful tools to create the best possible
outcome in your life.



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