An incredibly intense 29:29:29 code activates during an opposition of Mars and Jupiter placing a major spotlight on all your close relationships and your relationship to your INNER VOICE.

  • JUPITER at 29° Aquarius is opposite MARS at 29° Leo on July 29.

Furthermore, this celestial event occurs between two full moons in Aquarius. Here’s what’s extraordinary

  • The second Aquarius Full Moon (on Aug 22) ALSO takes place at the exact same degrees – Moon at 29°Aquarius and Sun at 29° Leo!

2 oppositions, 2 Full Moons, 2 times on 29°!

29 is the Intuitive Master – the number of intimate connection through inspiration.

29 reduces to the Master Number 11 which represents a portal. Walking through the 11 gateway is being fully conscious of the Present Moment.

Being one with the all is a very Aquarian theme.

29/11 also symbolizes the Intuitive, also a very Aquarian trait. The numerology and astrology codes enhance each other beautifully.

Be Spontaneous. Be Open to SHARE what’s in your heart.

Mars in Leo is about COURAGE. You have an increased desire to succeed.

Jupiter in Aquarius opens up new opportunities that enhance your life long into the future.

  • So focus on your intentions on what brings you JOY, act on them and see the results unfold.