So Edwards has come out for Obama, somewhat reluctantly it seems. In any case, yesterday was a significant day for Barack.
Before I get to why, I am now beginning to shift my attention to a McCain vs. Obama presidential race. Most of the last months the world has focused on Hillary vs. Barack. Now, things are changing. As a result, the picture I’m seeing is adjusting and focusing into clearer view. In the very near future I will go more into detail about what I’m seeing.
As for yesterday, I happened to turn on the TV to play a ‘Black Beauty’ DVD for Claire when I saw the news. Over Claire’s objection, I decided to watch John Edwards endorse Obama.
‘Interesting timing,’ I thought. Less than 24 hours after Clinton’s big win in West Virginia. Plus it all happened in Michigan. No coincidence there either.
Then I looked at Barack’s Personal Month and Day for May 14, 2008.
He’s in a 27/9 month. In any 27 cycle events occur which will ultimately bring the goals you have to a successful conclusion. Any goals, whether they are political like Obama’s or meant to create more wealth and prosperity or better relationships. It’s an excellent cycle. Next month, a 28 for Obama, will not be as easy for him.
Barack’s Personal Day yesterday was a 32/5. This number is also known as the ‘Politician’s Number.’ It allows you great access to the media, to work well under tremendous pressure and gives a magnetic presence. In a cycle, such as Barack’s Personal Day yesterday, this number brings good news, rewards and victory.
One other interesting number I noticed was that this endorsement occurred on May 14th. 14 reduces to 5 as well. So Obama had even more positive support yesterday. Plus, 14 IS the ‘Media Number.’
All in all, a perfect day for Edwards to endorse Obama.
As I told my Inner Circle during last night’s teleseminar, May is the fifth month. And 5 always brings change, uncertainty and surprises. 5 can feel like a rollercoaster – sometimes you’re up and then suddenly you find yourself bottoming out. It’s a pivotal number because it’s placed right in the middle of 1 through 9. So, 5 is a pinnacle as well as a turning point.
Many of my clients are undergoing changes and feeling uncertainty this month. The devastation caused by Burma’s cyclone, China’s earthquake and Peru’s volcano are causing emotional uncertainty for much of the world.
2008 is a big year of transformation. Keep that in mind all year.
Now let’s go to a reader’s question concerning the number 18/9 as it related to China’s earthquake and Burma’s cyclone as well as the name ‘Myanmar.’
“I thought 9 was humanitarian, leader, etc. Are you saying this is what happens on the bad side of the 9. My daughter life path adds up to 18 – she is extremely loving and giving.”

That’s a great question Jessica and shows I wasn’t quite clear when I wrote about the number 18 this week. You see, when it comes to days, months, years – also called cycles – the 18 vibration has a different meaning than it would for a Life Purpose Number, such as your daughter has.
Also, if her current name added up to 18, I would strongly suggest she change it to a more fortunate number. As a Life Purpose Number though, 18 describes someone with an unusually active imagination and intense emotions. Most likely your daughter can recall her dreams – this number gives her a strong connection to the subconscious.
There’s no need to ever be afraid about which numbers you have in your blueprint. There’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ or ‘devastating’ number. What’s really most important is to know what your Personal Blueprint reveals about you AND whether your current name is helping or hindering your goals and level of success.
All the answers to those questions are in your Personal Numerology Blueprint.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
P.S. For more in depth detail about your current cycles, including your Personal Year, Months and Power Days for the next twelve months, click here.

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