Every year the Capricorn Full Moon helps us commit to our Soul’s calling and dedicate our resources to manifestation.

June 24th's full moon in Capricorn creates a gorgeous trine from the Sun to Jupiter.

With the Sun at 3° Cancer and Moon at 3° Capricorn a lovely, creative and abundant 3:3 code enhances joyful Jupiter’s positive triangle with this lunation.

  • In Capricorn the Moon is deals with facts, and in Cancer the Sun brings your feelings to light.
  • Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so we are fully accepting the true nature of our feelings.

In this new Full Moon forecast you’ll also discover how to tap into the abundant blessings and learn how Mars, Pluto and Venus are activated and ignite your heart with passion, poise and pleasure.

We'll also dive into “should” and “could” thoughts and why they cause suffering.

This Capricorn Full Moon is a powerful invitation to take loving authority and grasp the whole picture.

That’s when every event is seen to serve your Soul.

Discover the deep journey you are now experiencing in this Capricorn Full Moon episode