It’s here! Welcome the thrilling and unprecedented Aquarius NEW MOON (Feb 11 at 7:06 pm UT, 2:06 pm EST, 11:06 am PST).

Unprecedented because six celestial light bodies are merged in a Stellium!

The Sun and Moon are joined together with Venus, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter and Saturn

It’s the 5th consecutive New Moon at 23° – the Royal Star of the Lion number, which reduces to 5… while we are in a 5 Universal Year.

This triple 5:5:5 activation is further enhanced by February 11 – opening the 11 portal of presence, an invitation to freely explore and take risks, rather than be caught in the web of the past or stuck worrying about the future.

Aquarius connects us as one big human family – honoring the unique individual while uniting us collectively.

  • During this New Moon Mars and Venus are particularly activated.
  • On top of that, the most positive, happy conjunction in astrology is EXACT during this New Moon!

Discover the many lovely and exciting gifts of this amazing New Moon in Aquarius.

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

PS. Don’t mis