Welcome an empowering and liberating Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius!

This is the first of two eclipses – with an exciting code:

  • The Sun and Moon will both be at 5°.
  • May, 2021 is a 5 Universal Month.

5:5:5 brings shifts, changes, rapid communication – and Freedom from Fear.

Sagittarius prizes honesty and justice, so Truth will be at the forefront, especially regarding your beliefs.

Since eclipses bring to light what has been hidden you may see a different perspective on a situation where you formerly were not able to see the whole picture.

Freedom, joyful expansion and a focus on beliefs means that our freedom to believe what we wish – as long as those beliefs don’t result in actions that harm others – must be extended to others.

Open your heart and mind to a new view that is beneficial and benevolent.

  • The quest for Truth and Wisdom is heightened by a dynamic T-square to Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius!

This T-square to Jupiter is helping you act on fortunate events and pay close attention to opportunities showing up in your life now.

Love and Blessi