What a nice change in the air this week!

After the intensity of that mega-stellium of six planets in Aquarius, we are now moving into a time of assimilation and liberation.

To help with this shift are two lovely transits on February 24 and 25:

  • Mars trine Pluto
  • Sun sextile Uranus

Mars infuses goal-directed energy with the power and leadership of Pluto for tremendous results.

Pluto transforms, so be ready to shift internally so you are equipped to step up into a new, higher vibrational space.

Be assertive – direct your energy towards achievements.

Then on February 25 the Sun and Uranus create an exciting dance together at 7°.

Since February is 7 Universal Month, and the 25th reduces to the root number 7, this unleashes an inspiring 7:7:7:7 code.

You are ready to listen super closely to your divine inner guidance system.

Be prepare