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Well, I didn't think I would be
writing about another earthquake so soon. Geologic time is moving at lightning
speed this year.


Earlier today Indonesia was struck by
a 7.7 tremblor. It is important that the date in Indonesia was April 7.


Remember, April is a 7 Universal


7.7 on April 7 is a three-time activation
of the number 7 – a triple lightning strike.


When I see three of any one number
triggered in this way, I know it indicates time is of the essence. This is
because the number 3 represents perfection.


Since the triple 7 happened in
relation to an earthquake, the time is ‘perfect' for more of the same – with a
similar large magnitude.


Previous newsletters have
explained the amazing amount of 7's we have already experienced this year in
relation to earthquakes.  So the
triple 7 activated today in Indonesia carries a very important message.


Here is how this number forecasts similar
events for the Northwest American and Canadian coast.


As you know, the state of
Washington is in a 7 Personal Year.


Now have a look at what else I
discovered this weekend. Nearly all the important cities in the area around
Washington state share the number 7 based on the ancient Chaldean system I use
to check how a name is triggered by current events:


Olympia = 25/7   capital of Washington


Seattle = 25/7


Salem = 16/7    capital of Oregon


Portland = 34/7


Victoria = 25/7  capital of British Columbia


Vancouver = 41/5 Vancouver's
41/5 name is part of the 1-5-7 trilogy.


As a numerologist on current events, I always look for
connections. When numbers ‘talk' to each other in this way, they are pointing
out a storyline. This is why the numbers in your life are so important. They
will help you discover answers to all sorts of questions – from mundane to


The city names listed above confirm what I was already
seeing in the current cycle for Washington State and surroundings.


With so many 7s across the board so far this year – in current
cycles, earthquake magnitudes, earthquake times, earthquake dates, and name
numbers – I believe the message is clear.


If you live along the North American coast, be sure you are


And no matter where you live, focus on getting your inner
life in order. It is harder to do so when inundated by major news stories. You
want to be grounded and connected to God-Mind now. This way you will be
flexible and calm when others become frantic.


Be the tree that lights the way – for yourself first, and
then for others.


To support you during these times of change, you want to be
sure to have a current name that is fortunate. A good name number will help you
surpass all obstacles.


Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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