A gorgeous Full Moon with the moon in Virgo opposite the sun in Pisces is unfolding and will be exact at tonight.

It unleashes an empowering and courageous 8:8:8 leadership code:

  • Moon at Pisces
  • Sun at Virgo
  • Saturn at Aquarius

With the Sun conjunct Venus – planet of beauty, abundance, pleasure and love – a wonderful opportunity for pure enjoyment is there for you now.

Virgo’s love of growth and mastering self awareness is heightened by the Moon’s exact trine to Uranus in Taurus (Venus’ home sign), setting up a craving for personal transformation and service to others.

A Full Moon is a great time to let go, release.

Virgo governs our daily environment – the impact of the items we surround ourselves with on our well-being. So, it’s a fabulous time for an early Spring cleaning!

Guard against keeping things in your environment you’ve had for a long time UNLESS you truly love them.

Anything that is a reminder of your past, of an old identity that you’ve outgrown, old attachments – let them go.