2020 can be seen as “Year 0”.

  • Year 0 is a point of integration, where past and future are irrelevant.

Never before has the PRESENT moment mattered so much.

At the beginning of this breakthrough Year 0 we had the stunning stellium between Pluto/Saturn/Sun/Mercury – all four conjunct (joined together) in Capricorn on January 12.

The impact of that stellar event has been revolutionary to put it mildly!

Now we welcome another pivotal star code moment:

Mars is currently slowing down and in the final days of direct motion before its retrograde begins in Aries on 9.9.2020.

Aries is Mars’ home sign. Mars has not retrograded in Aries since 1988 (and we all know what happened in the couple years after that!).

Similarly, Mars retrograde Aries in 2020 signifies a dismantling of warring factions.

This is a liberation of the sacred masculine and rebirth of the divine feminine!

Mars’ old alignment to the masculine as an aggressive, conquering energy is rapidly coming to an end.

Mars is recalibration from aggression to assertion, from control to contribution.

As usual, the codes provide even more meaning:

  • 2020 is a 4 Universal Year.
  • September is a 13 Universal Month, which reduces to 4.
  • 9.2020 is a 22 Universal Date, which reduces to 4.

4:4:4 symbolizes the creation triad of manifestation energy.

13 is aligned with the Divine Feminine, empowerment through change, justice and truth.

22 is the Architect of Peace number, ushering in peace and balance.

Imagine the inner peace you’ll feel by being truly generous, rather than having an ulterior motive or feeling obligated, being discerning rather than judgmental, using your intuition rather than just your intellect.

Aries rules the first house in astrology, so Aries shows the way you see yourself, how you perceive yourself, how you show up.

  • How you show up is being transformed.

Clearly, Mars’ 80-day retrograde cycle, from September 9 through November 13 is a time of rapid restoration.

Keep in mind – Chiron is in Aries providing ample opportunities for us to HEAL in new, unimaginable ways…

So much to share with you about this amazing moment!

Be sure to watch the brand new Mars Retrograde in Aries Starcode forecast.

Align with harmony, and invite in the Divine Feminine!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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