A gorgeous Full Moon in Virgo (Sun in Pisces) is unfolding this week and will be exact on March 18.

This is the sixth and final consecutive Full Moon at 27°.

And the Star code is spectacular – with a quadruple 9:9:9:9 activation:

  • Sun in Pisces at 27° and Moon in Virgo at 27° – 27 reduces to
  • March 18 is an 18/9 Universal Day.
  • March, 2022 is a 9 Universal Month.

9 is the number of endings, culmination, release, leadership through wisdom and unconditional love.

Virgo’s love of growth and mastering self awareness is heightened by the Moon’s trine to Pluto setting up a deep yearning for personal transformation and service to others.

A Full Moon is a great time to let go, release.

Virgo governs our daily environment – the impact of the items we surround ourselves with on our well-being.

So it’s a fabulous time for an early Spring cleaning!

Guard against keeping things in your environment you’ve had for a long time UNLESS you truly love them.

Anything that is a reminder of your past, of an old identity that you’ve outgrown, old attachments – let them go.

  • Only have things in your environment that fill you with love, joy, gratitude and beauty.

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