Last night I was reading an article about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, when something suddenly occurred to me.
With my cross-country move a couple of weeks ago, I’ve let a couple of things slip. And this one is big. I forgot to tell my webmaster in North Carolina to take down my Summer Special page.
So I’m giving you one last chance to improve your life with numerology – at Summer Special rates.
Here it is. One final opportunity to enhance your name, discover your greatest talents, get an inside look at your next 12 months, or find out whether you’re living at a good address.
As for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – looks like bail-out time again for these financial companies. What particularly got my attention are the numbers coming from Wall Street on Friday. It’s fascinating and definitely a forecast of what’s in store for the rest of the year.
On Friday, with Freddie and Fanny’s shares plunging fast, the Dow Jones industrial average went down more than 200 points, even dipping below 11,000 at one point. Later that day, rumors leaked that the Federal Reserve Board might help out F and F, just like it has recently done with other investment banks. That rumor calmed the market. As a result –
The Dow Jones average gained 100 points, closing at 11,100 on July 11, down 1.1 percent.
It’s those numbers which got my immediate attention. What does this mean.
We are all in a 1 year right now – 2008 reduces to 10 and 1 plus 0 equals 1. So 2008 begins the first 9 year cycle originating during our new 21st century. The last universal 9 year cycle which ended in 2007, began in 1999.
When so many 1s, 11s and 111 are activated at once, in the same location – namely Wall Street – and when these 1s also align with the date, July 11th and occur during 1 year, you can bet something is up.
On one level, financial markets and institutions are being forced to break new ground. Some will go under, others will tap into any and all available resources. As a result of this, we the people are being asked to use far more creativity. It is a definite turning of the tide.
On a deeper level, the Number 1 represents a pillar. Two or more of these 1s symbolize pillars of success and change. To the subconscious mind these pillars are gateways. In ancient times, a person undergoing an initiation would pass through a set of pillars.
Even the exact middle of the word ‘pillar’ has a visible representation of what it symbolizes.
Passing through pillars means leaving behind the past, getting inspired on the precipice and stepping boldly into an unknown future.
This whole year is symbolic of the 11, 111 and 11:11 symbolism.
Additionally, take another look at the numbers arising from Wall Street on Friday – the Dow Jones average gained 100 points, closing at 11,100 on July 11, down 1.1 percent. You’ll notice, there are also zeroes.
All computer code is built on 1s and 0s. These two numbers are the building blocks of life.
As for how the message contained in these numbers impacts each individual – that depends on your attitude towards change, creativity and courage. What I will say is that this year is an amazing and important cycle to get a fresh perspective one everything you believe to be true. It is a big year of preparation for what’s to come next year, in 2009. Notice the digits for next year add up to 11.
So, Wall Street, a numbers game for the world of finance, is reflecting what is natural and inevitable – each one of us is experiencing new things, as we make new internal and external discoveries resulting in brand new conclusions. Every part of life is affected.
The result of all these 1s and 0s – after all we are in a 2008 – 10 – 1 Universal Year, is complete renewal. You can see this reflected in natural events all over the world as well. Everything and everyone is feeling it. Now, more than ever, trust your intuition. One great way to do this is to pay attention to your numbers.
To help you understand and activate the numeric symbols unique to you, be sure to visit my Summer Special while it’s still active today.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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