Today I will examine the terrible blow dealt to the nation
of Poland on Saturday. At the end I make an important announcement.


On April 10 President Lech
Kaczynski was killed in a plane crash along with Poland's political and
military elite.


A total of 97 people perished.


88 of those were Polish government


These are the first numbers I saw
on Saturday. They immediately gave me clues that this crash was no accident.


Both 97 and 88 reduce to 16/7,
which carries the following meaning in a current event – ‘a person or entity
with a crown on his head being struck by lightning and falling from a high


I refer to 16/7 the ‘Lincoln
Number'. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President and had a 16/7 name.
He was assassinated.


So, I believe, were Kaczynski and


The following numbers' clues
reveal there are secrets to be unveiled. Keep in mind, 7 resembles a lightning
bolt and is the most secretive of all numbers. Many CIA and secret service
agents have it prominently in their birth blueprints.


1. April, 2010 is a 7 Universal
Month. See my April video for an explanation of this.


2. Poland is in a 7 Personal Year
in 2010.


3. Lech Kaczynski had an 88/16/7
Destiny Number – his career vibration.


4. 88/16/7 government officials


5. 97/16/7 died in total.


6. It was the 70th
anniversary of the Katyn massacre.


7. It was Lech Kaczynski's 61st
year of his life – a reverse mirroring of the number 16/7.


8. Kaczynski had been president
since December 2005, a 25/7 Personal Month for him.


lech kaczynski.jpg

Kaczynski had been traveling with
his large Polish delegation to Russia to commemorate the 70th
anniversary of the Russian massacre of 22,000 Polish prisoners of war in the
village of Katyn.


Of those killed in the plane crash
were Poland's top generals, several bishops, the head of the national bank and
several government ministers – all of whom helped to overturn Soviet Communism
in 1990.


The plane was a Polish military
aircraft – completely revamped and updated. Of course it could land in fog and
of course the pilot would never have endangered the lives of all those
high-ranking people. He would have aborted the landing.


So these numbers are a sign to me
that this tragic event was not an accident. This is my opinion.


The two numbers 88 also indicate a
power struggle between the Poland – a country with close ties to the West and
the U.S. – and Russia.


Names and numbers always give
amazing insights into personal and world events.


During my Seminar last month I revealed
my powerful forecast for 2010. I also explained the hidden meaning behind each
number and letter.


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Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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