I didn’t stay up late to watch the primary results come in last night. This morning I woke up to the news.
What we have here is an unprecedented year in U.S. politics.
All three candidates have something to celebrate. Here’s where I want to remind you that we are all experiencing the big shifts of this 2008 year. Nothing is written in stone anymore. We’ve entered a time where originality and creativity will overcome old, out-dated views. The status-quo is being challenged.
Let’s see how McCain, Obama and Clinton are affected right now.
McCain has the powerful Politician’s Number going for him in March, so it makes complete sense for him to secure the Republican candidacy for President this month. As opposed to in February, which was a more ho-hum month for him.
Today, McCain will also get Bush’s endorsement while lunching with the President at the White House. Watch how his candidacy coasts in March and April for two reasons. The Dems will be duking it out in yet another round giving McCain sole front-runner status. And McCain’s Personal Month numbers are coming to his aid.
So what of Clinton vs. Obama.
It seems that we’re back at square one after last night’s victories for Clinton. Not so fast. Hillary has momentum right now, and will keep it during the month of March. Come April though, Obama will be back in full force. In April he’ll be connecting with the number that activates his current name. Why is that important. Because ‘Barack Obama’ adds up to the ‘Immortality Number,’ guaranteeing his name will live on after he’s gone.
The Barack and Hillary slugfest will last a while longer. After all, both are in a great Personal Year for politics. However, when looking at the overall numbers for both candidates, I think Barack will come out as the winner.
This is because his Personal Year directly lines up with his Day of Birth. AND because his current name is so powerful. As opposed to Hillary Clinton’s name, which will always cause her challenges. Looking at the big picture, Obama’s got the name and numbers on every level to succeed in 2008. She has a great Personal Year, which is why she’s still in the race – but her overall numbers right now, as well as her all-important name, don’t point to victory. Especially considering who she’s running against.
It’s funny how the Republicans seem to know this as well. They prefer Clinton to Obama in a race against McCain. In fact, Rush Limbaugh urged his listeners to vote for Hillary. Talk about political creativity. Like I said, 2008 is a fascinating year.
You see, it’s possible to go very far when you tap into your current cycles, as Clinton is doing this year. But, if your name adds up to a number indicating more obstacles and less help, your life will come up against unforeseen challenges. Your journey will be more arduous than if you had a fortunate name.
With a good, helpful and supportive current name, you have a distinct advantage. For one, there’s less resistance and effort on your way to success.
Secondly, you’re not held back by events and people who may be undermining your plans.
And thirdly, your confidence remains at an all-time high, because you are not distracted by unforeseen challenges, and there are resources available to you to carry you towards success.
If you want to benefit like so many others already have, all I need is to look at your current name. Then I’ll let you know how your name is affecting your life right now. Most importantly, I’ll give you a new version of your name – if needed.
Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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