On March 24 a wonderful Aries New Moon ushers in a new sense of confidence and resets our energy to start fresh again.

Jupiter, Mars (ruler of Aries) and Pluto create a dynamic, positive triple conjunction setting the stage for a significant rise in positive outcomes!


  • The New Moon creates a dynamic quadruple 4:4:4:4 code – we’ll look at the significance!.
  • Venus creates a TRIPLE TRINE to Mars/Jupiter/Pluto… an amazingly exciting positive shift is in play…
  • The Mars/Jupiter/Pluto stellium also forms a fortunate triple sextile to the Sun and Moon…

 Aries represents going for it, not being held back energetically.

And the change of seasons represents a new step in your journey.

In combination, this star code thrusts your whole life in a new direction – new vistas, new adventures, new ways of action.

Be sure to watch the uplifting Aries New Moon Star Code Forecast!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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