I’m on vacation in Arizona, and wasn’t planning on keeping up much with the news this week.
While out eating dinner with friends last night, I was asked whether I had heard about Obama’s denouncement of Reverend Wright.
‘No,’ I said, ‘but I’m not surprised it happened yesterday.’
When asked why that was, I explained, ‘Obama’s personal blueprint is very active this month. Particularly yesterday. He was born on the 4th. April is the 4th month, so this month is always going to be a more confronting time of year for him.’
‘His Life Purpose Number is 29/11. And yesterday was the 29th of April. So he had a double whammy of intense energy yesterday.’
I continued, ‘and since 29 is a master number – he was asked to master something, to rise to the occasion. In this case, he literally had to rise above the divisive views of a man, who has been part of his life for the past twenty years. That’s a tall order. So it’s no surprise his condemnation of Reverend Wright happened yesterday.’
What I didn’t tell my friends is that April 2008 happens to be a Personal Month for Obama which symbolizes looking within – being introspective. It’s about all things spiritual – and that would include religion.
So it’s no surprise things came to a head with a religious leader in a very personal way for him this month, particularly yesterday.
Add to that the fateful numbers connection Reverend Wright and Obama have, and you’ve got a pressure cooker of a situation. Wright is born on the 22nd, and that number breaks down to 4. The fateful 4 connection is very active for these to men, and is playing itself out in front of the world right now.
Knowing the numbers in your blueprint is very important. Once you have this document in your hands, your life is never the same. It describes you down to the most intimate details – things your mother doesn’t even know about you.
Your blueprint is a richly detailed roadmap pointing you directly to your destiny.
Obama’s destiny, based on his blueprint, is to be a leader. Find out what Personal Numerology Blueprint is today.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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