While driving home from my bi-annual visit to my dentist this morning, I heard the news. ‘Benazir Bhutto assassinated.’
I felt that one. My introduction to Bhutto happened while I lived for three years in London. Bhutto had recently returned to Pakistan from London, where she had built her own party in order to campaign against General Zia, who had executed her father, Prime Minister of Pakistan in the 1970s, and put her in jail for 5 years. Later she became one of the first democratically elected female prime ministers of an Islamic country.
In fact, she was ousted and later regained the leadership position again. In the months before her assassination today, Benazir Bhutto was positioning herself once again as a strong contender for Prime Minister.
What I discovered about her name and the date of her sudden death today is remarkable.
Bhutto’s day of birth is 21 and her Life Purpose Number is 27/9. The 27 is a vibration of leadership, and gave her a strong inclination to follow her beliefs, and pursue her goals with tremendous ambition and drive. As a result, there were always people who resented her power. Putting them at ease would have kept them from interfering in her plans. However, as her name will reveal, this wasn’t always possible.
Here is the a stunning ‘coincidence.’ Today is the 27th. 12-27-2007 adds up to none other than 21. So the most important numbers in her birthday, 21 and 27 are mirrored IN REVERSE on the date of her death. Remarkable.
As for her current name, Benazir Bhutto, it adds up to 51/6. When you read what this number symbolizes in the ancient Chaldean system of numerology, you will see why she’s been in danger.
51 is symbolizes a warrior spirit. This means sudden advancements and accomplishments were possible during Bhutto’s life. It’s an especially fortunate number for leaders of any cause not related to war. However, with a 51 name comes a strong warning of dangerous enemies. In other words, the glory this number promises isn’t worth the risk. This is why I would never recommend it for a name.
And while I’m looking at names…
Benazir Bhutto comes from a tragic family. In addition to her father’s assassination, both her brothers died under mysterious circumstances. This begs the question, what about her family name, ‘Bhutto.’
The name Bhutto itself resonates to a number of contradictions. Both immense success and powerful opposition from enemies and competitors, as well as serious losses in courts of law are symbolized by her family name. So, she carried a lot on her back, you could say – considering her family’s legacy.
No doubt, Bhutto made mistakes. So, were there clues to what she had to watch out for this year. Absolutely.
2007 was a 18/9 Personal Year for her. Any 9 year symbolizes endings and transitions. She was about to enter a whole new 9-year cycle. Essentially, Bhutto had a great chance of being elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan once again in 2008.
18 Personal Years are filled with active dreams, sleeplessness, new plans, new ideas and changes. Bhutto certainly had all these going for her in 2007.
But… an 18 year can also be filled with dangers. She would have had to be on guard against deception. Accidents caused by carelessness can happen during an 18/9 year. This was the second suicide attack against her this year. Obviously today her security was caught off-guard.
Finally, for a leader such as Bhutto, the18 year is connected to uprisings and revolutions. As well as deception by friends and enemies. Enough said.
Bhutto died at 18:16 local time.
On a happy note, you can create the best year of your life in 2008 by knowing what’s ahead for you. What does YOUR Personal Year reveal. How can you best capitalize on 2008, a universal year of new beginnings and abundance.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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