One thing I haven’t explored in this newsletter is how Pythagorean Numerology can be used to gauge whether two people are compatible.
Let’s look at a powerful couple who have remained together under the most trying of circumstances and discover why that is.
I am talking about the Clintons.
How are Bill and Hillary connected. Well right off, they have four out of six numbers that are identical. I’m including the day of birth and Attitude numbers to the four core vibrations. Plus their Life Purpose Numbers are compatible. In short, they have the ingredients for a long-term relationship.
And because they’ve got so many numbers in common – their missions are very similar – they understand each other well.
Both of them have an 8 in their blueprint meaning they may learn the hard way. Isn’t THAT the truth. The 8 is the politician number and the money vibration. Can’t imagine a successful politician without an abundance of cash.
And they both have 1s, which is about winning.
So, even with all the controversies and scandals, from Whitewater to Monica to possible impeachment and more, they continue to march forward to their own tune.
What makes this relationship work, and what is born out in their numbers, is that they have an understanding. And whether we like or comprehend their partnership or not, it will endure. You can bet on that.
Now to why today is such a special day. Three big reasons.
First, it’s Clara’s 5th birthday today. Actually, she’s currently going by the name Seven. In fact, she insists that 7 is no longer a number because it is her new name. What can I say – she’s unique. What’s more fitting for me, a Pythagorean Numerologist, than to have a daughter who changes her name from day to day.
I mean, talk about someone who will create her own future!
Secondly, today is the nationwide release of the new Pixar movie ‘Ratatouille’. My husband Clayton absolutely loves this film. Told me about how great it was over three months ago. You might be wondering how he was able to sneak a peak back in March.
Well, Michael Giacchino, composer of the soundtrack, who also wrote the music for ‘The Incredibles,’ ‘Mission Impossible 3’, ‘Alias’ and ‘Lost’, had Clayton in mind when he created the music for ‘Ratatouille.’
ALL the violin solos you’ll be hearing were written for and performed by none other than my husband, world-class violinist Clayton Haslop. That’s how he was able to get his sneak peak on the recording stage in Hollywood. We’re celebrating by taking Clara to her first movie theater experience tonight.
The 3rd reason is …
I am unveiling four, yes 4 new products. Incredible products which will answer your most pressing questions. Questions everyone has. About love. About where to live. About what job is best for you. And about how your numbers are affecting you today.
Click this link, and discover what’s in store for you.
With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle French
P.S. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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