A gorgeous Full Moon in Cancer on January 17 (the FIRST Full Moon of the year!) awakens the number of Immortality.

17 ensures that, what you focus on during the full moon – the energy you play with and project you nurture at that time – will leave behind some kind of legacy in your life.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon itself and needs to feel safe. So strong feelings of belonging, protection and security are in the forefront.

  • Cancer is private and seeks emotional security.
  • It describes your internal frame of reference.

During this full moon:

Pluto conjuncts the Sun – playing a pivotal rebirth role in purging bygones and activating empowerment through renewal.

Neptune trines the Moon – adding the component of spiritual service, helping us to nurture our destiny and recognize we all are Source energy.

Neptune helps us connect in a galactic way to other worlds and also to bond deeply with loved ones in a very sweet, tender way. As a water planet, Neptun