Celine Dion’s farewell to Las Vegas is fascinating numbers story. It showcases the constant effect your numbers have on your life today.
Celine has a triple 3 power triangle. She was born on a 30/3 day. Her Life Purpose number is a 30/3. Her current name adds up to 30/3 in the Chaldean system. On top of that, her Destiny Number derived from her birthname, Céline Marie Claudette Dion, is a 6. Number 6 is in the same family as 3.
Now watch how the numbers 3 and 6 dominate her life.
The song ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the movie ‘Titanic’, which made Celine Dion a household name around the world, was released in 1998. A 33/6 Personal Year for Celine.
Celine’s five year run at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas began in March 2003 – 3/03. It ended this past Saturday, December 15, 2007. December is a 3 month and 15 is a 6 day. Saturday was also a Personal Day 6 for Celine.
On top of that, 2007 happens to be Celine’s 15/6 Personal Year.
As you can see, her numbers tell a powerful and continuous story. The plot of her life-story continues to evolve. Most of her major successes have involved either number 3 or 6.
How appropriate these two numbers are to Celine’s life and career. 3 is a vibration of artistic self-expression. People with this number prominent in their blueprint – and remember she has three 3s – have a deep urge to bring joy and uplift people’s lives. Through singing, writing, speaking or the fine arts.
3 is also a performer’s number. No question this number describes her gifts to a tee.
The zero in her three 30s gives Dion divine protection. This is very apparent when you look at her life. The fact that her manager and husband, Rene Angelil mortgaged his home, after hearing her sing, in order to fund her first recording, says much about the influence of the zero. She will always be helped in unexpected ways.
And she DID need Angelil’s help. After all, Celine was raised in a poverty-stricken home. And herein lies another clue to her amazing success. Dion was the youngest of 14 children. 14 is the number symbolizing magnetic communication with the public. She certainly is the epitome of someone having a love affair with her millions of fans.
A 6 Destiny often indicates using your voice in your career, whether through counseling, singing, speaking or teaching. How fitting her music is then, as people listen to her songs for healing and comfort.
Her voice embodies her empathy for others. Additionally, 6 makes her poised, affectionate, and generous.
On a side note, it’s interesting Hillary Clinton’s campaign song is Celine Dion’s ‘You and I’. Why? Because Clinton’s Life Purpose Number also happens to be 30/3. You may think this a coincidence, but it’s not. There is a resonance between people – and numbers.
Celine’s fans adore her. And her 6 Destiny means she needs to feel appreciated – so it’s a mutual love affair.
Combining the 3 and the 6 makes her highly creative and artistic. She must express herself to be happy. It also guarantees that her biggest changes, results and transformations occur during a 3 or 6 cycle.
This has been the case for Celine. In fact, 2003 was a hard transition year for her. She was in an 11 Personal Year. It was only when Celine entered her 3 Personal Year in 2004, that she relaxed and really began enjoying her five year stint at Ceasar’s Palace. She says of that first difficult year, ‘At one point, it was like feeling like the Titanic was about to sink again.’ An 11 year can feel that way sometimes.
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With Warm Regards,
Tania Gabrielle
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