If you missed my complimentary
teleseminar last night, I have a great recording for you.


On the call you'll hear why there are
tremendous changes, shifts and surprises under foot in 2010


Tania Gabrielle's fearless 2010 numerology predictions

Speaking of shifts, last night's
win by Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Martha Coakley – in the
Massachusetts Senate race to replace Ted Kennedy's seat – is an example of the
kind of unexpected events we will experience this year.


Just a couple weeks ago Scott's win
would have been unimaginable.


Look at how the numbers in the
U.S. Senate are affected. There are now 41 Republicans and 59 Democrats. Both
41 and 59 reduce to the number 5.


Why does 5 signify? Change, shifts
and surprises.


Amazingly the United States is
ALSO in a 5 Personal Year in 2010. All these 5s are big clues as to what to


Add to that the 3 Universal Year
the whole world is experiencing in 2010, and you can see why 2010 will be a
momentous year for all of us.


Take a look at numbers 3 and 5,
and notice how they are both open on the side and sit on a rocker. When numbers
or letters are shaped this way there is both instability AND opportunity.


You never know what's around the
corner, so emotional and mental balance is very important.


On the recording you'll hear how
you can remain grounded through the drama and shifts
we'll be experiencing during
the next 12 months. I also explain EVERY Personal Year Number – yours included
– so you are equipped for success all year long.


There's great info about four
important letters in the alphabet, one of which you are bound to have in your


Plus you'll get a detailed look at
the topics I'll be covering at my ‘Secrets and Mysteries' Seminar here in
Sedona from March 5-7, 2010.


This recording – my gift to you –
is filled with valuable tips to help you create a fabulous, positive year. Enjoy!

Warmest Regards,

Tania Gabrielle

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